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BiblioBoard Fact Sheet: Early 2016; More Publishers, Production Studios, Key Library Partners, Awards


CHARLESTON, South Carolina—In the past year, BiblioBoard added more than 150 new library customers and several new consortia and state customers including MINITEX and RAILS. Additionally it made significant additions to the valuable content available to their library customers in a fixed cost, unlimited multi-user access model. The company also won a Modern Library Award for its new BiblioBoard 6.0 mobile library release.

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Kudzu Kidz, LLC Launches a New Book, Counting and Rhyming with Friends, fun for all ages!


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – Everyone loves to smile! This new book will definitely add a smile to your face while counting and rhyming with the loving Kudzu Kidz friends. It is a fun book for all ages to enjoy. Kudzu Kidz shine as their personalities show through each page counting up to ten with rhymes that sound like a song. Share with your family and friends!

Counting and Rhyming with Friends retails at $9.99 and is available at

What Is Kudzu Kidz?

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University of New Brunswick Libraries first in Canada to sign up to use OCLC Web-scale Management Services


DUBLIN, Ohio, June 23, 2011—The University of New Brunswick Libraries is the first Canadian library to sign up to use OCLC Web-scale Management Services, the Web-based cooperative library management tools for metadata management, acquisitions, circulation, license management and workflow improvement.

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