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John C. Fremont Library District Goes Live on CLiC AspenCat LibLime Union Catalog

North Bethesda, MD, July 23, 2014-The John C. Fremont Library District (JCFLD), located in Florence, CO, is now live on the AspenCat LibLime Koha union catalog for all collection and patron management services. The CLiC AspenCat union catalog now has over 869,000 items with over 50 libraries participating. JCFLD Library staff worked with LibLime Project Management to successfully transfer bibliographic, item, and patron data to the LibLime Koha application.

About the John C. Fremont Library District

Center Consolidated Schools Goes Live on CLiC AspenCat LibLime Union Catalog

North Bethesda, MD, July 17, 2014- Center Consolidated Schools, located in Center, CO, is now live on the AspenCat LibLime Koha union catalog for all collection and patron management services. With the accumulation of Center Consolidated Schools, the CLiC AspenCat union catalog now has over 464,997 bibliographic records and 869,343 items. Dolores Public Library staff has worked with LibLime Project Management to successfully transfer bibliographic, item, and patron data to the LibLime Koha application.

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Code4Lib Journal issue 25 is now available

Code4Lib Journal, issue 25, is now available


Brill’s 2015 Journal Prices now available

Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) – 21 July 2014

Brill’s 2015 Journal Program now consists of 208 titles. The program includes 9 new journals, 1 take-over journal and 2 Editions Rodopi journals, a recent acquisition of Brill. Five of our new 2015 journals are full Open Access.

The complete 2015 Journal Program and Price List is now available in excel format on our website:

ByWater Solutions Welcomes Carmen Hernandez as Koha ILS Trainer

Nathan Curulla
(888) 900-8944

ByWater Solutions Welcomes Carmen Hernandez as Koha ILS Trainer

ByWater Solutions, an open source community supporter and the U.S.’ forefront provider of Koha support, is happy to welcome Carmen Hernandez as our new Koha ILS Trainer. Carmen will join the ByWater team in training our newest partners on how to use their Koha Open Source ILS systems.

Library Training Services Australia Joins LibLime’s Koha with Class Program

North Bethesda, MD, July 10, 2014 – Students in Helen Ladewig’s courses in library, information services, and cultural services at Library Training Services Australia will begin utilizing LibLime Koha this summer through LibLime's Koha with Class program.

Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown by Susan P. Plummer PhD

Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Susan P. Plummer shares a revolutionary way of approaching depression that does not pathologize it. Instead she identifies seven experiential shifts that are calling us to greater freedom, connection, and belonging.

What would happen if we recognized experiences such as emptiness, meaninglessness, and anxiety not only as challenges or possible symptoms of depression but also as signs of change that are calling us into a new future? Author Susan P. Plummer shares that: “Our relationship to our future is revealed in our relationship to the unknown, and to cooperate with our future’s longing for us we need to befriend the unknown.” Calling the indiscriminate use of pharmaceuticals a “future-buster,” she advocates that with our entire culture currently on the brink of Deep Change, the widespread indiscriminate prescription of medications may be aborting the emergence of the new futures and new worlds we desperately need.

Her more than 20 years of groundbreaking research has been distilled into an indispensable roadmap for navigating the experience of Deep Change and realizing one’s most essential self. Deep Change guides us through the Seven Shifts of Transformation, taking us beyond merely redesigning our lives to changing the way we experience our self and our world. We are able to begin letting go and accepting change as we connect with deeper currents that originate from within and beyond ourselves. This book is about embracing our true heritage of compassion, connection, freedom, and belonging.

DR. SUSAN P. PLUMMER is the Director of the Santa Barbara Alliance for Living and Dying Well, a consortium of major end of life care services and providers committed to creating the highest quality of end of life care for the community. Prior to this, she was the director of a certified hospice program in Mendocino County, where she lived for over 30 years. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she holds a doctorate degree from the Saybrook Institute, as well as undergraduate degrees from UC Davis and Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare. Also a licensed psychotherapist, she has had a part-time private practice for over 25 years.

Starting at a young age, Dr. Plummer was curious about other dimensions. This grew into a passionate lifetime interest in experiences of major life transitions, which she began to investigate under the guidance of leading theorist, Dr. Amadeo Giorgi. Her recent book, Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown, grew out of this doctoral research. Her book and presentations address the intricacies of transformation as they apply to individuals as well as the collective. She is a facilitator for the Courage for Renewal (Parker Palmer’s Circle of Trust model. Her popular workshops explore grief, bereavement, and the call to transformation as an avenue for growth in individuals and organizations. She is a popular speaker and has been at The National Conference of Methodist Ministers in Hospice, The International Conference for Human Research Science, Antioch University, Santa Barbara Hollyhock Learning Center, Cortes Island, Canada, JFK University, San Francisco Saybrook Institute, San Francisco, Sophia Center at Holy Names University, Oakland, and UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare, Berkeley (among others).

“A profound work of discovery—originality and insight shine through. This book will be a huge consolation and encouragement to our search for light.”

“Susan Plummer is a highly skilled and deeply sensitive psychotherapist who understands the dynamics of our inner lives as well as anyone I know; she is a trustworthy guide through the most tangled of spiritual thickets.”

“An important book at a critical time in the life of our society, providing crucial insights as it deals with the paradoxes of gaining the world but losing its soul.”

“Dr. Plummer’s model for personal change may be one of the most important contributions toward growth-centered counseling since Abraham Maslow’s work on peak experience. The practical applications she describes make it easy to apply her principles, both for individuals guiding their own personal change and for professionals guiding others through theirs, I believe that this work will be a source of great personal breakthroughs for anyone committed to a path of personal and spiritual development.”

“Deep Change is a very accessible guide toward places and moments when we are startled into finding that we are alien to ourselves and that the resulting emptiness is a call forward.... I now point myself and others into the direction of the insights pioneered in this book.”

Deep Change
Befriending the Unknown

Author: Susan P. Plummer PhD
Publisher: CreateSpace
Category: Personal Growth, Depression
Publication: September 2013
ISBN: 978-145-6485-962 (print)
ISBN: 9781620954720 (e-book)
Price: $18.00 quality paperback; $7.99 eBook
212 pages

Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown is available through
Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Create Space and Amazon

Never Isn't Long Enough by F. Diane Pickett Wins Indie Excellence Award - Regional Fiction Category

For further inquires, please contact:
Jeanie C. Williams
Blessingway Authors’ Services
Telephone: 505-983-2649

Never Isn't Long Enough WINS !

July 9 2014 — DeFuniak Springs, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Finding Jill: How I Rebuilt My Life After Losing the Five People I Loved Most


For Immediate Release

Contact: Jeanie C. Williams
(505) 983-2469 (Telephone)

Finding Jill is a powerful memoir of Jill Kraft Thompson’s journey through unimaginable loss when the five people she loved most were killed in a horrific automobile accident just outside Venice, Italy. Jill lost her husband Bart, her two young sons, Ben and Sam, her niece and her mother; Jill survived the accident.