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An essential primer for students studying information behaviour

Facet Publishing have announced the release of Nigel Ford’s textbook Introduction to Information Behaviour.
Introduction to Information Behaviour uses a combination of theory and practical context to map out what information behaviour is and what we currently know about it, before addressing how it can be better understood in the future. Nigel Ford argues that new understandings of information behaviour research may help maximise the quality and effectiveness of the way information is presented, sought, discovered, evaluated and used.

DOAB awarded the IFLA/Brill Open Access Award 2015

Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) / Singapore (SG) – 24 August 2015

During the 2015 IFLA World Library and Information Congress (, the IFLA/Brill Open Access Award was awarded to this year’s winner, the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), to acknowledge their achievements to further the distribution of high quality open access books.

Up-to-date guidance on the complexities of copyright legislation for archivists and records managers

Facet Publishing have announced the release of the fifth edition of Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers by Tim Padfield.

What is copyright? Who owns it and for how long? What rights does it confer, and what are the limitations and exceptions?

Brill’s 2016 Journal Prices now available

Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) / Singapore (SG) – 20 July 2015

Brill’s 2016 Journal Program now consists of 243 titles. The program includes 21 new journals and 4 Brill | Rodopi re-launched journals.

The complete 2016 Journal Program and Price List is now available in excel format on our website. Please also check the additional information sheet for more information on our 2016 journal program, including new titles, frequency and/or page increases, etc. Information on our 2016 Journal Collections and Archives will be available soon.

New edition of the essential guide to organizing library collections

Facet Publishing have announced the release of the second edition of Vanda Broughton’s textbook Essential Classification.

Classification is everywhere. We classify birds and animals, languages and ethnic groups, stars, volcanoes, minerals and clouds, wine and blood, and colours and roses. We classify diseases, occupations and social status; the size of notepaper (grand eagle, elephant and pott); the dimensions of icebergs (small, bergy bits and growlers); and brandy (mellow, pale and superior).

"The Auschwitz Volunteer" Chinese Rights Sold -- Extraordinary Report on WWII Auschwitz Undercover Mission Goes to Beijing World Publishing Corporation

Los Angeles, California, July 6, 2015 — Aquila Polonica Publishing recently sold simplified Chinese rights to its award-winning book, "The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery" by Captain Witold Pilecki, to Beijing World Publishing Corporation, Beijing, in a sale agented by Gray Tan and Zoe Hsu, The Grayhawk Agency, Taiwan.

Get to grips with the seismic changes to copyright law

Facet Publishing have announced the release of the sixth edition of Graham Cornish’s Copyright: Interpreting the law for libraries, archives and information services.

Cornish's Copyright, the standard work in its field, is indispensable for all librarians, information professionals, archivists and curators looking for solutions to their copyright problems. The book explains the provisions of the UK Copyright Act and supporting legislation in quick and easy question-and-answer form.

Brill adds ‘Philosophia Reformata - International Philosophical Journal of Christianity, Science, and Society’ to Journal Program

Leiden (NL) / Boston (MA) / Singapore (SG) – 6 July 2015

As of 2015, Brill is set to publish Philosophia Reformata, International Philosophical Journal of Christianity, Science, and Society, the journal of the Association of Reformational Philosophy (ARP).

Brill joins the International Publishers Copyright Protection Coalition in China

Academic publisher Brill joins the International Publishers Copyright Protection Coalition in China to support efforts to create awareness about intellectual property rights and enter into dialogue with important stakeholders.

M-Libraries 5: From devices to people

Facet Publishing have announced the release of M-Libraries 5: From devices to people, the latest edition of the M-Libraries series which brings together cutting-edge international contributions from the leading experts, practitioners and researchers in the field.

Based on the proceedings of the Fifth International M-Libraries Conference held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014, M-Libraries 5 showcases the diversity of innovative and inspiring work that libraries are doing across the world to interact with their users and deliver resources via mobile and hand-held devices.