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Koios and Amigos Library Services Announce New Partnership


Dallax, TX (August 23, 2017) - Amigos Library Services today announced its addition of library marketing startup, Koios, to its preferred vendor list. Amigos member libraries will receive a discount on Koios products and services that help them show up in local Google search results.

By partnering with Koios, Amigos Library Services members will be able to get their resources to appear in Google. Many libraries do not realize how many opportunities are available on Google to connect library resources with community needs. Koios can help our members make those connections.

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Koios brings Chattanooga Public Library to local Google search results


Chattanooga, TN (March 13, 2017) - Chattanooga Public Library has partnered with library software startup Koios to make their materials visible in Google search results. CPL is one of the first libraries to implement Libre, Koios’ search optimization platform for libraries.

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Boston College High School Selects EBSCO Discovery Service™


Boston College High School has discovered the benefits that come with using EBSCO Discovery Service™. The library chose EDS for its responsive web design, mobile accessibility and easy-to-use platform and implemented some the customized features available. The discovery layer was quickly embraced by students, who even applauded after presentations of the resource's functionality.

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