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14 million bibliographic records within MOBIUS system to receive Backstage RDA enrichment


Kat Kamp
Backstage Library Works
[email protected]

PROVO, Utah, June 26, 2014 — Backstage Library Works ( announced today the completion of RDA enrichment for 380,000 records within the MOBIUS Archway library catalog. Archway is the first of several MOBIUS systems to receive RDA processing from Backstage. A total of 14 million records, spanning 10 systems are scheduled to receive RDA updates.

MOBIUS member organizations collaborate to provide quality information resources and services to the people of Missouri. The improved RDA access points will benefit MOBIUS users throughout the Midwest.

Archway collections from eastern Missouri include East Central College, Jefferson College, St. Charles Community College, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and St. Louis Community College.

Backstage can upgrade existing non-RDA bibliographic records to RDA standards and re-describe the records as RDA in an automated fashion according to an institution’s preferences. To help libraries maintain newly updated catalogs with heading accuracy, and to benefit from future RDA-based discovery capabilities, Backstage offers new bibliographic record upgrades and authority updates as part of its authority control services.

MOBIUS’ training and help desk manager, Christopher Gould relates:

“MOBIUS is excited to participate in the Backstage RDA Remastering Project. The Project will bring 10 of our 15 local systems – over 14 million bibliographic records – forward to the new standard of cataloging.

“Implementation of the RDA Project has already been completed on one MOBIUS system (Archway – and is under way on three others. Backstage has been very responsive to our needs and the projects have been smooth sailing.”

Backstage’s vice president of automation services, Nate Cothran states:

“Having worked with the MOBIUS systems since Backstage acquired the authority control service in 2004, we are excited to continue that relationship with this offer of RDA enrichment.

“It is no easy task managing all of the different processing schedules for each system, but Christopher and his team keep us in line and functioning properly with aplomb. We have had talks in the past about redoing the files since the acquisition nearly ten years ago, so it is gratifying to be able to give them this opportunity without any extra cost for the enrichment.”


Since its founding in July 1998, MOBIUS has transformed library services for the citizens of Missouri. The consortium’s purpose is to share library materials, information, and services using accessible, cost effective methods. Today, the MOBIUS Union Catalog has expanded to include more than 18 million items, serving over 1.5 million people from the higher education community and the state of Missouri. A courier service delivers library materials to member libraries once per day, five days per week.

MOBIUS contracts with the Missouri State Library to host and manage Missouri Evergreen, a public library resource sharing consortium, using Evergreen, an open-source integrated library system. Missouri Evergreen is a growing consortium of Missouri public libraries funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provision of the Library Services and Technology Act as Administered by the Missouri State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.

The MOBIUS Bylaws and Articles of Corporation govern the internal affairs of the consortium and formalize the purpose, membership guidelines, and structure.

MOBIUS looks forward to its continued growth with the intention of building on the strength of its current and future members. It is our goal to move towards the creation of a statewide Union Catalog connecting MOBIUS and Missouri Evergreen, as well as all types of libraries in Missouri and beyond to create equal access to materials and information for the citizens of Missouri.

About Backstage Library Works

Backstage’s objective is to provide the most technologically advanced and efficient means for delivering professional library services. With over 25 years of experience, the company is known for its expertise in handling complex and unique projects. Backstage specializes in solutions for cataloging, authority control, digitization, preservation microfilm, and on-site needs. In providing services to more than a thousand libraries, large and small, public and private, and in locations across the globe, Backstage has cultivated an understanding of libraries, their mission, their operations, and the challenges they face. Backstage offices are located in Provo, Utah, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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