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LISWire is a site from the guy behind LISNews & LISHost, Blake Carver. Carver is an MLS and professional librarian who brings a broad background of work and life experience to his skills in librarianship. As the founder of LISNews, Carver serves an international community of library professionals offering a constantly updated source of news and information about the profession; how it affects and how it is affected by the events of the day.

Thousands of library professionals, paras, students, professors, publishers, authors, reviewers, vendors and other interested persons have chosen to participate in the process making LISNews infinitely informational and varied. News stories are posted by authors from a broad library population and readers can add their comments to each story. Participants may also write about librarianship or other issues in their own journals making the website even more diverse in scope.

Partnering with Carver on LISWire is LISNews author Robin K. Blum, aka 'birdie'. As a publishing professional for nearly twenty years and an LISNews author for seven, Blum has an expansive knowledge of the book world. Blum owns and operates In My Book®, manufacturing and selling a line of greeting card/bookmarks to bookstores, library and museum stores as well as to individuals.

With LISWire, Carver and Blum take the next step in building a network to distribute this information around the globe 24/7.

If it's not obvious, we run on Drupal, using the lovely marinelli theme. Some of the images you see in rotation in the header are from the marinelli theme, some from Robin's personal collection and some from Blake's. Please do not take images without asking. If you'd like information about any of the photos please contact us.

How Many People See Releases Posted On LISWire?
That's a good question, and I'm not sure there's a good answer, but I'll do my best to give you an honest and accurate answer. Since there are several ways for people to follow LISWire, I'll try to break it down by viewers.

Email: The mailing list current has just over 200 subscribers.

Web Site: My best guess is about 1,000 people view something on the web site every day. This is based on the following. Most days Urchin reports about 2,000 sessions, 5,000 pageviews, and 8,000 hits. Using that, and Browsers, IPs and pages, my best guess is about 1,000.

RSS: The most requested pages on the site are the feeds. The main feed gets about 1300 views a day, but it's impossible to guess at how those views are being used. Anyone who tells you they know how many people are reading your RSS feeds is lying to you. My educated guess is at least 2,000 people see one of the feeds someplace. It's most likely more than that, but I can't be sure.

The releases and headlines also appear on Twitter and LISNews, this adds a few hundred more reads.

So how many people see a release posted on LISWire? My best guess is "a couple thousand."
(these numbers are all current as of March 2010)