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ALA'S JUNE ANNUAL FEATURES THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN: 9780615685434) at Combined Book's booth 2325

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THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434) is Cynthia Lynn's (member of Authors Guild) first novel. Her book is featured at the American Library Association's June 2013 Annual "Print Book Showcase" Combined Book's booth 2325. "Kirkus Indie Review" said, this book offers a measure of hope and that someone will come to help when you need them.

Author Cynthia Lynn's travel guides are in Libraries worldwide (WorldCat.Org) . Her education path (Rhode Island School Of Design and summa cum laude English BA) encouraged the imprint (Cynthia Lynn) publishing of this first novel (editor and cover designer). Librarians can be assured that THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434) is a contemporary novel that resonates in this 21st century of pink slips that uprooted so many from familiar surroundings, and a page turner—the heroine, Clarissa Max pink-slipped from a mega city newspaper reporting career on her way to Miami to recoup a reporting career drives into a ditch then serendipitously lands in a small town in Central Florida where she encounters another kind destiny.

Said "Kirkus Indie Review" about THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434), it is the mysterious Max, who haunts Clarissa's thoughts, and the reviewer recounts what many readers have found is an absorbing Cracker country tale that includes a love story and a haunting with a mystic connection—the ghostly Max refuses to enter the great beyond and Clarissa finds out that theirs is a joint destiny for another kind of beginning.

Librarians can find out more about this novel by accessing the Internet at (use the link on right: Catalogues and Reports) and download the catalogue for ALA's 2013 annual "Print Book Showcase"/page 57 features my ad (catalogue available at the convention/booth 2325).
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Binding: Trade Paperback
Book Category: fiction – Contemporary - Literary
The HAUNTING And Paradise Taxi
ISBN: 9780615685434
Library of Congress Number: 2012915387

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