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Amigos Library Services Presents Online Conference - HTML5 and CSS3: Ready for Prime Time?

Amigos Library Services will present a one-day online conference “HTML5 and CSS3: Ready for Prime Time?” on Friday, February 8. The conference will cover a variety of topics, such as making your website more accessible, transitioning to the future-friendly web, and using HTLM5 and CSS3 with Modernizr.

Well known web designer, speaker, and author Christopher Schmitt will present the keynote address. Active on the web since 1993, he will focus on the past and future of HTML5 and CSS3. Author of the HTML Cookbook, The CSS Cookbook, and Adapting to Web Standards, Schmitt is also a member of the Web Standards Project and founded HeatVision, a media publishing and design firm.
Two concurrent sessions will run throughout the day. Among the scheduled sessions are:

  • Making the Website More Accessible, presented by Cynthia Ng, Ryerson University Library and Archives
  • Use HTML5 & CSS3 Today with Modernizr, presented by Eric Phetteplace, Chesapeake College
  • The Development of A Stacks Map Program Using the HTML5 Tag, presented by Tamara Metz, Diné College
  • Transitioning to a Responsive Web Site, presented by Ron Gilmour, Ithaca College Library
  • Mobile or Immobile? (responsive design, cookies and kiosks), presented by Bill Helman, University of Baltimore
  • It’s Not the Size of the Screen, It’s How Responsive the Code, presented by Roy Degler, Oklahoma State University

For the complete schedule and registration, click here. Early bird registration ends January 25, 2013.

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