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Backwards Dictionary Helps Gamers and Writers

ATLANTA — Wisdom Creek Press has released a book to assist poets, word gamers and other wordsmiths in their search for just the right word. The opposite of traditional dictionaries, this word list is arranged alphabetically using the LAST letter of each word.

“My original motivation for researching and writing this book was personal,” said author Cherie K. Miller. “My husband and I are both authors and enjoy playing word games, like ScrabbleTM. When we play, we allow dictionaries because we like to increase our vocabulary and competitiveness. But it frustrated us when we needed, for example, a three letter word that ended in “Q”. That’s where the traditional dictionary fails gamers. With BackWords, gamers, writers, and poets can find words that end in a certain letter.

Uses include:

• A handy reference for word gamers.
• A unique gift for the word gamer in your life.
• Help finding words for poetry or prose.
• Lists to memorize for those who compete in Scrabble tournaments.

“As we write prose or poetry, we’re always conscious of the sounds of the words, and not just the meaning. It’s simply another way to increase vocabulary, get more competitive at word games, and find just the right word. Or maybe we just can help it - we’re word-nerds.”

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About the Author
Cherie K. Miller is the founder and president of Wisdom Creek Press, LLC and works with the Masters in American Studies program at Kennesaw State University. She has published books, written for national magazines and written a newspaper column called Kidding Around for a Chicago newspaper chain. She achieved her MA in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University in 2007. Miller is the current President of the Georgia Writers Association, a state-wide nonprofit organization promoting authorship in Georgia. For more information about Miller, visit .

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