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Business Expert Press offering free trials of digital business library

Business Expert Press is currently offering free trials of our digital library, made up of applied, concise books for business students. I hope you'll take a look the information below and consider doing a trial of the library. It's a great way to add a lot of books to your online collection for a one time cost, and these books can provide free textbooks to students, as well as be used for independent research.

To give you some background, we are a three-year old business publisher founded specifically to provide e-books to libraries. We focus on applied, concise books for upper-level business students below the level of Ph.D. We believe this is a large but somewhat under served audience in terms of library resources as most library content, databases, research monographs, and journals, are aimed at faculty and Ph.D. candidates.

Business Expert Press offers 2 collections of books- a set of 50 in the 2010 collection and 60 in the 2011 one- and all are available as an e-library for schools. Our books are managed in collections by top scholars as collection editors and are offerings are fresh, timely and authoritative. Our books serve as excellent research/reference tools for students and often serve as course reading material for faculty.

Because we built our company on selling e-books to libraries we listened to librarians and as such we offer our Digital Libraries as yearly purchases that are offered as a one-time purchase with no ongoing subscription fee - you pay once and you own it forever. This means that you gain unrestricted access to these texts, delivered as PDFs that can be printed, downloaded, or read simultaneously online. Additionally, we of course include MARC records, as well as copious metadata for each book.

Here is a link to our demo site where you can review our e-books I suggest you type "Business Expert Press" into the simple search box and then browse our titles for a book of interest to you.

Here is a link to our website where you can see a full list of books in each year's Digital Library offering:

I have also attached a brochure that summarizes everything we discussed about our Digital Libraries.

In summation, we are unique because:
-We offer applied, concise, academically-reliable books for upper-level business students below the level of Ph.D. - the other 99% of library patrons!
-Our annual Digital Library features front-list books edited by our collection editors who are all leaders in their fields.
-We do not restrict usage. We deliver a PDF that can be printed, downloaded and simultaneously accessed by an unlimited number of students.
-We sell our e-book collection as a one-time purchase, perpetually owned by the library.
-We include MARC records and each book is built with rich metadata in mind to aid discovery: keywords, abstracts, deep bibliographies

I hope you will consider doing a free 90 day trial of our Digital Libraries. If you are interested, or have any questions at all, please send me an email at [email protected].


Molly Hurford
Assistant Editor
Business Expert Press


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