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DynaMed® Rated Higher Than Other Disease Reference Tools in New KLAS Report on Healthcare Clinical Decision Support

~ DynaMed Rated 10 Points Higher Than Other Products in New KLAS Report Surveying Customers of Clinical Decision Support and Reference Systems ~

IPSWICH, Mass. — December 13, 2011 — DynaMed®, a point-of-care clinical reference tool from EBSCO Publishing, has been rated highest in its category by healthcare providers. A new report on clinical decision support resources by KLAS, a research firm that specializes in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors, rated disease reference tools in a number of categories and according to the report, DynaMed was rated, “10 points higher in KLAS than any other disease reference product in the study.”

In the KLAS survey, customers of each resource were surveyed in a variety of areas including credibility, relevance, electronic medical record (EMR) integration and influence on decisions, as well as standardization of care and how well the resource met the overall needs of users. Survey respondents indicated that DynaMed excelled in the credibility of the information it provided and in the relevance of its information and bested the other two resources in 24 of 25 measures. In direct comparison to the other two resources classified as disease reference tools, DynaMed outscored them with a total score of 91.2—10 points higher than the other resources.

Disease references such as DynaMed are used by clinicians at the point of care to access the best available evidence for thousands of clinical topics. DynaMed is updated daily and can be integrated into any EMR system. DynaMed is used by more than half a million clinicians in over 125 countries. More than 4,000 physicians and other healthcare professionals across 60 specialties contribute to the resource and more than 200,000 medical articles are summarized in DynaMed — providing doctors and other healthcare providers with access to the latest clinical evidence. Access to the latest clinical information at the point of care and within EMRs is having an impact on clinical decision support, which was the overall focus of the KLAS report.

Quotes from the report: Clinical Decision Support 2011: Understanding the Impact, 2011. © 2011 KLAS Enterprises, LLC.All rights reserved.

“DynaMed is absolutely the best point-of-care product out there. And EBSCO has class-one support. It is the best support in the country.”

“DynaMed provides us with the best evidence on the best research-driven healthcare given to a particular patient issue. It is an excellent clinical information resource.”

—Collected about DynaMed by KLAS in November 2011 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

DynaMed Editor-in-Chief, Brian S. Alper, MD, MPH, says the KLAS report indicates that DynaMed is being used and respected by healthcare providers. “This report shows we have achieved and maintained excellence in our evidence-based processing and currency as well as ease of use. It is also gratifying to know that customers realize that we are able to rapidly respond to their needs.”

DynaMed also came out on top in an October study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) ( The BMJ study looked at how quickly five point-of-care products updated new evidence. DynaMed was shown to be the most current point-of-care reference tool. The study determined that, “DynaMed clearly dominates the other products.” (BMJ 2011 Sep 23) In the British Medical Journal study, DynaMed was shown to be at least 78% faster and as much as 97% faster at including evidence than the other resources in the study; “DynaMed has an updating process that markedly led the others.” (BMJ 2011 Sep 23) More information is available at

About DynaMed
DynaMed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use at the point of care. With clinically-organized summaries for more than 3,200 topics, DynaMed provides the latest content and resources with validity, relevance and convenience, making DynaMed an indispensable resource for answering most clinical questions during practice. Updated daily, DynaMed editors monitor the content of over 500 medical journals on a daily basis. Each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity. The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate, representing a synthesis of the best available evidence. Through this process of Systematic Literature Surveillance, the best available evidence determines the content of DynaMed.

About KLAS
KLAS is a research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors. KLAS’ mission is to improve delivery of healthcare, by independently measuring vendor performance for the benefit of healthcare provider partners, consultants, investors, and vendors by collecting accurate, honest and impartial provider experiences. Working together with executives from over 4,500 hospitals and over 2,500 clinics, KLAS delivers timely reports, trends, and statistics, which provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. KLAS measures performance of software, professional services, medical equipment, and infrastructure vendors. For more information, go to, email [email protected], or call 1-800-920-4109 to speak with a KLAS representative. Follow KLAS on Twitter at

About EBSCO Publishing
EBSCO Publishing is the world’s premier database aggregator, offering a suite of more than 350 full-text and secondary research databases. Through a library of tens of thousands of full-text journals, magazines, books, monographs, reports and various other publication types from renowned publishers, EBSCO serves the content needs of all medical professionals (doctors, nurses, medical librarians, social workers, hospital administrators, etc.). The company’s product lines include proprietary databases such as CINAHL®, DynaMed™, Nursing Reference Center™, Patient Education Reference Center™, Rehabilitation Reference Center™, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Source™ and SocINDEX™ as well as dozens of leading licensed databases such as MEDLINE®, PsycARTICLES® and PsycINFO®. Databases are powered by EBSCOhost®, the most-used for-fee electronic resource in libraries around the world. For more information, visit the EBSCO Publishing Web site at:, or contact: [email protected].
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