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Equinox Releases FulfILLment Software Version 1.0


Duluth, GA —February 26, 2014

Equinox is proud to announce the release of FulfILLment™ version 1.0. FulfILLment is an open source ILL product that allows direct patron request of materials and greatly reduces staff mediation of requests. The website for the fulfillment project can be found at . Visitors can get more information about the project, join user groups, and download the software.

Leveraging the proven technology behind the Evergreen ILS, FulfILLment gives users the ability to directly request materials and the option to remove layers of unnecessary staff mediation. The sleek browser-based staff interface is intuitive and modern, allowing staff to effortlessly complete patron requests. FulfILLment connects directly to multiple Integrated Library Systems and is able to retrieve holdings, perform patron authentication, and manage holds placement in real time via a combination of SIP, NCIP, and other standard protocols.

Grace Dunbar, Equinox Vice President, says, “I am excited that Equinox has released FulfILLment v.1.0. The improvements we have made to the software, especially the staff interface, were worth the wait.”

About FulfILLment

FulfILLment is a new, robust ILL system designed and developed by Equinox Software to affordably serve the needs of resource sharing consortia where many different ILS' are in use. FulfILLment redefines the conventional thinking on ILL and incorporates more information than ever before into the process of identifying the best possible resource for each patron's request. Created by engineers with the most complete understanding of the underlying technology and requirements, FulfILLment offers libraries more control and flexibility than ever available before to provide efficient, timely and cost-effective inter-library benefits to their patrons, without the need to change local software or policies. OHIONET and other partners funded the development of FulfILLment.For more information, please visit .

About Equinox Software, Inc.

Equinox was founded by the original developers and designers of the Evergreen ILS. We are wholly devoted to the support and development of open source software in libraries, focusing on Evergreen, Koha, and the FulfILLment ILL system. We wrote over 80% of the Evergreen code base and continue to contribute more new features, bug fixes, and documentation than any other organization. Our team is fanatical about providing exceptional technical support. Over 98% of our support ticket responses are graded as “Excellent” by our customers. At Equinox, we are proud to be librarians. In fact, almost half of us have our ML(I)S. We understand you because we *are* you.

We are Equinox, and we’d like to be awesome for you.

For more information on Equinox, please visit .

Press contact: Corinne Hall, [email protected], 770-709-5571

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