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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Children’s Book Explores Young Boy’s Fascination with American Bald Eagles Jason’s Eagle by Dr. Julia E. Antoine, is Volume 6 in the delightful Too Clever children’s book series.

New Children’s Book Explores Young Boy’s Fascination with American Bald Eagles
Jason’s Eagle by Dr. Julia E. Antoine, is Volume 6 in the delightful Too Clever children’s book series.
In the first story, Jason was five. Now he is ten and full of himself. However, he has maintained his love for the American Bald Eagle, only now he is experiencing many more amazing adventures.

He lives on the shores of the Long Island Sound, near the Connecticut River. He is so fascinated with the American Bald Eagles that fished in the waters near his home, he spends every free moment he has watching them.

Everything about the bald eagles fascinates Jason, from the way they fly in the sky to the way they hunt for food. Even the way they build such huge nests grabs his attention. No other bird flies like the bald eagles.

To ten year old Jason, the bald eagle is absolutely awe-inspiring. No other bird species commands such attention and respect when in flight. The eagle's every movement is graceful and regal. He feels a special thrill at the way it turns its head to look at him, when he gazes at it through his binoculars.

Too Clever VI: Jason’s Eagle
Dr. Julia E. Antoine
List: $21.99
Available in trade paperback and hardback 52 pages 10 x 8 inches
ENVISION Business & Computer School Publishing
Official date of publication February 7, 2014 * ISBN-10: 0989561534 ISBN-13: 978-0989561532
Book 6 in the Too Clever Series by Dr. Julia E. Antoine.

Aimed primarily at young boys ages 9 to 12. Available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.
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Review copies, photography and interviews are available upon request.
Contact: Dr. Julia E. Antoine, Tel 203-387-2239. [email protected], Email or simply hit reply to this email.
About the Author

Dr. Julia E. Antoine’s love affair with writing began at the age of 19 when she started writing short stories for the local radio station in her home town which were read on the air. For the past 14 years she has been the Regional Director of two Occupational schools in Connecticut. She holds two Masters and a doctoral degree in higher education administration. Ms. Antoine has published a series of children's books, a collection of short stories, and several paranormal romance books under the pen name Ju Ephraime, and several office productivity books.

She is actively involved in her community and is the President and CEO of a not-for-profit organization, Professional Wardrobe, Inc., that dresses individuals for job interviews, by giving them complete outfits to assist them in their career goal.

Her Too Clever books won the Silver Award in the Mom's Choice Awards, ages 9 -12. Her books Staying Safe and The ABC’s of Caribbean Fruits and Vegetables have been translated into Spanish.
She lives in Hamden, Connecticut.

What People Are Saying
"Too Clever VI: Jason’s Eagle" is an illustrated short story about a young boy’s love for the American bald eagle. The story deals with the passion the child has for the wild bald eagles to learning to create things and interacting with a girl for the first time. Bright, cheery illustrations enliven the pages of "Too Clever VI," while the peppy heroes and heroines dominate the stories illustrating active learning."
- Midwest Book Review
"Too Clever VI" is a delightful book. The illustrations are colorful and original. I honestly thought the book was non-fiction. Antoine has created a remarkable character in Jason. He is the kind of child we would all like to have as a model for our children. Not only is Jason an intelligent and talented child, he is also a well-behaved child. Jason is very practical in his request for the things he needs to pursue his love of the American bald eagle. His appreciation for his friend, Mikey is obvious from the beginning. Written in the voice of a snazzy 10 year old, this is a well-written boys' book that will grab their attention and hold it. Antoine offers her readers a story they will make their children read it with passion. It would be an excellent tool to encourage discussion. This is one parents will want to pick up for their children.”

- Readers' Favorite

“This is a great book picture book for your child. The story about Jason and his love of the American bald eagle is very interested. The book has a lot of factual information about bald eagles. It is always nice when your child can actually learn a few things while reading a great story they are interested in. Antoine portrayed a ten year old brilliantly, a lot of clever thoughts, great dialogue and sound decision making skills.”

- Heather Gabriel - Gabriel's Candles

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