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"Invest in Knowledge” provides funding for digitization and an investment for the future

ROCHESTER, N.Y., JULY 02, 2009 – At Kirtas Technologies, mass digitization has always been viewed as a long-term investment. By bringing centuries’ worth of rare bound materials back to life for the digital age, digitization becomes an investment in the future and new technology. Today, it also becomes an investment in knowledge that anyone can make.

Invest in Knowledge is a new, innovative—patent pending—initiative introduced by Kirtas in conjunction with the company’s Digitize on Demand program and retail Web site, The program allows anyone to subsidize the digitization of the world’s knowledge one book at a time.

Anyone who purchases a book to be digitized, through the Invest in Knowledge initiative, from will receive a reprint of that book, as well as 5% of all future sales of that book through that web site. Consumers can invest in as many books as they would like.

“This is such a tremendous opportunity for the average consumer to help support and fund the digitization of some amazing collections of books,” noted Tom DeMay, vice president, business development. “So not only are consumers doing the right thing, but if they want to ask ‘what’s in it for me?’ We can give you a great answer. Several titles or one popular book could provide a nice return on investment over time, creating a true lifelong investment in knowledge.”

“This is the first mass digitization program that will make unique collections available to the public in a way that increases access, achieves preservation, and benefits at the same time the library, its patrons and the general consumer,” said Kirtas Founder and CEO Lotfi Belkhir. “And it does so without compromising quality or the ownership rights of the libraries to their digitized content.” To learn more about Invest in Knowledge, invest in a book or set up an account, visit

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Kirtas Technologies has pioneered and perfected the technology used today in quality, high-speed, nondestructive mass digitization. A proven workflow ensuring superior image quality, advanced search capabilities, unique archiving technology, and extensive metadata enabling multiple output options that stand the test of time are what set us apart and keep Kirtas at the forefront of the digital revolution. Learn more at

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