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LibLime Koha at the University of Wisconsin

Bethesda, MD – May 28, 2011 – Students at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater will begin utilizing LibLime Koha this summer in their Organization of Information course through LibLime's Koha with Class program.

LibLime will provide the three section class, of approximately 60 students, with a hosted installation of LibLime Koha, free of charge. This will allow the students unlimited access and all privileges associated with the staff end of LibLime Koha as well as all OPAC functionality for the duration of the course.

“I found out about the program at the 2011 ALA Midwinter meeting, talking with Patrick Jones (Director of Operations, LibLime) about my need as a cataloging instructor for the students to have a cataloging program they could use as a supplement to the coursework,” said Allison Kaplan, Faculty Associate with the School of Library & Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to try this out with my students. It will be a real boon for the students to be able to download, edit, and create cataloging records in an actual ILS.”

LibLime's Koha with Class program is designed to give library school faculty a chance to embed the use of an ILS into their coursework and curricula. Students gain practical experience with library automation software as they prepare to enter the library workforce. LibLime provides free support for these Koha with Class installations, and already there are dozens of faculty members throughout North America taking advantage of this program. LibLime is looking to expand the program overseas to support librarianship at an international level.

“Thank you again for providing this service for library educators,” said Ms. Kaplan.

To learn more about the program visit the Koha with Class page on

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