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Library Journal Sings Praises of Three Genealogical Publishing Company 2009 Reference Books

We were recently very pleased to learn that the latest editions of three of our reference books (International Vital Records Handbook, Fifth Edition; Genealogist’s Address Book, 6th Edition; and the County Courthouse Book, 3rd Edition) received very strong reviews in Library Journal.(In fact, the Vital Records Handbook received a starred review, LJ’s highest mark of distinction.) Please read on for details.

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. The Genealogist's Address Book. 6th ed. Genealogical. 2009. 800p. ISBN 978-0-8063-1796-0. $69.95. REF
“A revision to the fifth edition, published in 2005, this one-stop guide has been revised to include the most current fax, phone, web addresses, and contact names for genealogical, historical, and religious societies across the United States. Bentley (Directory of Family Associations) judiciously divides contact information into three subject segments. The first organizes genealogical and historical associations alphabetically, initially by state, then county, and finally by society name. Essential for genealogists and regional historians.”
By Savannah Schroll Guz, Formerly with Smithsonian Lib., Washington, DC -- Library Journal, 5/15/2009

**Kemp, Thomas Jay. International Vital Records Handbook. 5th ed. Genealogical. 2009. 544p. ISBN 978-0-8063-1793-9. $49.95. REF
“Updated to incorporate procedural revisions, this essential compilation of administrative forms will significantly reduce the frustration associated with obtaining official documentation, such as birth certificates. Because documents vary dramatically by state, territory, and nation, the book is divided into these three major segments. The first offers approved-form facsimiles for the request of U.S. state-issued documents. The second segment covers request forms issued in U.S. Territories. The third details various procedures and forms necessary to attain official documents in foreign countries. When facsimiles are unavailable, contact information for municipal offices and national embassies is provided. A crucial, time-saving resource.”
By Savannah Schroll Guz, Formerly with Smithsonian Lib., Washington, DC -- Library Journal, 5/15/2009

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. County Courthouse Book. 3d ed. Genealogical. Jun. 2009. 322p. ISBN 978-0-8063-1797-7. $49.95. REF
“A fully revised update to the 1996 edition, this exhaustive compilation of local government offices is arranged alphabetically, first by state name. Bentley (Directory of Family Associations) then subdivides each state alphabetically by county. Bite-sized entries detail founding dates, relevant history, and the municipal entity from which each county was subdivided. Full contact information for every courthouse is provided, including fax numbers, clerk names, email addresses, and probate fees. An excellent companion to Bentley's Genealogist's Address Book.”
By Savannah Schroll Guz, formerly with Smithsonian Lib., Washington, DC -- Library Journal, 6/15/2009

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