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Library Mashups: In This New Book, Information Professionals Explore Innovative Ways to Deliver Library Data and Services While Involving Patrons and the Community

September 21, 2009, Medford, NJ—Information Today, Inc. (ITI) has announced the publication of Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data, edited by Nicole C. Engard.

As web users become more savvy and demanding, libraries are encouraging patrons to help keep library websites dynamically and collaboratively up-to-date. According to Engard, mashups—web applications that combine freely available data from various sources to create something new—can help libraries meet patrons’ expectations and provide superior web-based service. In the book, Engard and 25 contributors present numerous practical and innovative examples.

Library Mashups is a great resource for anyone aspiring to create cutting-edge library services,” said Raymond Yee, Ph.D., author of Pro Web 2.0 Mashups: Remixing Data and Web Services. “The book’s case studies draw from the practical experiences of an impressive group of forward-thinking professionals in the field.”
Examples of mashups in the book range from ways to allow those without programming skills to make simple website updates, to modifying the library OPAC, to using popular sites like Flickr, Yahoo!, LibraryThing, Google Maps, and Delicious to share and combine digital content.

“This book illustrates not only what is different from the past but also how libraries can continue adding new value in the future,” according to Jenny Levine, blogger of The Shifted Librarian, writing in the Foreword to the book. “Creatively utilizing these new tools has empowered libraries to experiment and create new resources, as well as enhance traditional ones.”

With human and financial resources shrinking in many libraries, the content in Library Mashups is designed to be useful to librarians with limited budgets. Librarians who have little or no experience with web programming as well as the technologically savvy will find value in Library Mashups. “The goal of this guide is to teach you the basics of what mashups are and how they have been used in libraries worldwide,” Engard says in the book’s Introduction. “It is my hope that after reading this book, you will be inspired to make at least one change to your library site.”

In addition to Library Journal “Mover & Shaker” Nicole Engard, contributors to Library Mashups include these librarians and technology specialists who have done pioneering work in enriching library services:

• Derik A. Badman
• Bonaria Biancu
• John Blyberg
• Thomas Brevik
• Jason A. Clark
• Karen A. Coombs
• Mark Dahl
• Joshua Ferraro
• Darlene Fichter
• Joseph Gilbert
• Robin Hastings
• Stephen Hedges
• Brian Herzog
• Karl Jendretzky
• Stuart Lewis
• Jeremy McWilliams
• Matt Mitchell
• Lichen Rancourt
• Bess Sadler
• Wolfram Schneider
• Ross Singer
• Laura Solomon
• Tim Spalding
• Corey Wallis
• Michael C. Witt

In addition to an Introduction by Engard and the Foreword by Levine, Library Mashups features an afterword, a glossary, and an index. As a bonus for readers Engard maintains a companion website to the book at

Nicole C. Engard is the Open Source Evangelist at LibLime, where she directs the company’s open source education endeavors. Her interest in library technology started at the Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia, where she worked as Web Manager. For her innovative uses of technology in libraries, Engard was named one of Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers in 2007. She keeps the library community up to date on web technologies via her website, “What I Learned Today…” ( She has been published in Computers in Libraries, ONLINE magazine, and Journal of Hospital Librarianship and written chapters for Thinking Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians and Writing and Publishing: The Librarian’s Handbook.

Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data (352 pp/softbound/$39.50/ISBN 978-1-57387-372-7) is published by Information Today, Inc. (ITI). It is available in bookstores and direct from the publisher by calling (800) 300-9868; faxing (609) 654-4309; emailing [email protected]; or visiting the ITI website at To order the book outside North America contact Facet Publishing: +44 (0)1235 827702;

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