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Literary fiction novel The Haunting And Paradise Taxi ISBN 9780615685434 featured in BEA 2013 "new print title showcase"

Libraries and universities can buy Author Cynthia Lynn, member of Authors Guild new literary fiction— "a novel with a promising message" says "Kirkus Indie Review" about the uncertainty of living in a world filled with changes that come from the consequences of progress—now both in print and E-book version from Ingram.

Cynthia Lynn's writing experience as a journalist includes specializing in travel writing, Travel Guides, No More Hotels In Paris & No More Hotels In Rome received 5-star reviews ("Library Journal" "The Philadelphia Inquirer"), and Cynthia Lynn has written special interest features, her travel updates have been distributed to NPR stations, and she's contributed to a number of travel books and publications.

The Haunting And Paradise Taxi is a nostalgic remembrance narrative with a dash of Americana folklore—locale is in northwest central Florida native "Cracker country"—the storyteller is the once fun loving big apple city reporter Clarissa Max who receives a pink slip but finds another kind of life when she serendipitously lands in Citrusville. The man Clarissa leaves behind won't let her go and it may be love or lust, but at Ed's Diner the greens simmering in a ham hock sauce are the specialty with aging Crackers talking about sinners who aren't willing to give up sinning and end up on a raft going toward the falls.

Among the cast of characters Clarissa introduces are old timer Nellie Charmin who spouts about a Paradise Taxi that takes the willing to change where they have to go, the forgetful Henry Benson knows the winds of progress bring more than the scattering of oak leaves from the town's ancient oak trees, and retiree Letty Lovelace looking for a man that is a traveling companion has a friend called Max who is the catalyst for a mystic spinning of fateful threads leading Clarissa toward another kind of destiny that includes a haunting.
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