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LYRASIS and ProQuest Introduce Easy DDA

Atlanta, GA - January 23, 2014 - LYRASIS has developed an exclusive new eBook program, in partnership with ProQuest, to offer demand-driven eBook content to our members in an easy-to-manage, pay-as-you-go format. The program, entitled, Easy DDA, gives LYRASIS members access to thousands of books, with the ease of getting started and managing the collection, all while showing the value of actual monograph budget expenditure

With very little setup cost and minimal implementation time, LYRASIS members can begin to use Easy DDA to enhance their collections and improve their users' experience. Easy DDA is a great solution for libraries that have been reluctant to try eBooks and are skeptical of demand-driven acquisition (DDA). The Easy DDA program is straightforward and simple to administer, helps relieve space issues, and will prove popular with academic administrators. Members can also decide along the way, based on actual usage data, how much to expand access to the content and to which subject packages.

Easy DDA is easy to setup and manage, and provides a measurable return on investment. What makes Easy DDA so easy are the combined benefits of pre-set subject packages, pre-established DDA settings, space and cost savings, and the ease of managing eBook collections.

Pre-Set Subject Packages
The subject packages are built on the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system. Each of the 18 subject packages can be parsed according to publication dates or used as a whole, based on need and budget. And, LYRASIS and ProQuest have eliminated very high priced books that can be budget busters.

Pre-Established DDA Settings
The default settings for purchase triggers, short-term rentals and other parameters are pre-set, yet adjustable per preferences or firsthand experiences with Easy DDA, supported by comprehensive real-time usage data. The settings are based on analysis of hundreds of DDA programs from around the world that EBL, the ProQuest company whose technology governs the program, has collected since 2005. LYRASIS and EBL staff will work with libraries to select collections and parameters that will come in within 5 percent of the specified budget.

Space and Cost Savings
Easy DDA is valuable for libraries that face space and monograph budget constraints. The analytic reports provide tangible data that demonstrate to library directors, provosts or university presidents the wise way in which libraries are using their monograph budgets.

eBook Benefits
Because eBooks are cost-effective in providing users access to current books on a continuous basis, the desired content is available to patrons anywhere, anytime. Every book in the Easy DDA program (more than 300,000 to start) allows multiple users at the same time. The books' full text is searchable, and notes can be taken, persist online for each user and are easily exported. And, the eBooks are downloadable to almost all devices.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer increased online access to eBook content that has never been easier, more efficient or more cost-effective," stated Kate Nevins, Executive Director of LYRASIS. "Easy DDA brings a wealth of content to our members and their users in a real-time, easy-to-use program that has not been available previously."

According to Kari Paulson, head of ProQuest's eBook division and a founder of EBL, "DDA is past the experimental stage, and eBooks should be a fact of life in academic libraries. DDA makes libraries better. By partnering with LYRASIS, we hope to bring value to libraries as they establish innovative ways to serve their patrons."

LYRASIS is debuting Easy DDA at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia, PA, from January 24 through January 27, at booth #1261. For more information on Easy DDA, please visit

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