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LYRASIS Technology Services Program Rolls Out New Open Source Software Family of Services


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LYRASIS Technology Services Program Rolls Out New Open Source Software Family of Services

Atlanta, GA, — June 1, 2011 — LYRASIS, the nation’s largest regional, non-profit membership organization for libraries, is pleased to announce that its new technology services program is now available to assist members and the broader library community with technology decisions and implementation.

LYRASIS Technology Services (LTS) is the latest addition to the extensive programs offered by the non-profit organization supporting librarians and information professionals. In keeping with the LYRASIS mission of “Collaboration, Creative Solutions and Leadership for Libraries”, LTS provides the support necessary for library staff to effectively plan, adopt and gain knowledge about a host of technology solutions, including the use of open source software and systems. LYRASIS Technology Services is leveraging staff and member library experience with a number of open source software options, including Evergreen, Drupal and DSpace.

“We have been developing this new suite of services for a number of months, culminating with a review by our seven-member advisory panel last month. We are excited about the opportunity to keep our members abreast of updates and developments in technology and work with them to ascertain and implement the system and software program options most appropriate for their institutions and users,” stated Peter Murray, Assistant Director of Technology Services Development.

LYRASIS Technology Services offers assistance in three primary areas:

  • Decision-support services,
  • Consulting, training and education services for general open source software principles and specific products, and
  • Hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementation and support.

Within these areas, LTS is focused on:

  • Improving the understanding and knowledge of open source systems and other software options,
  • Helping libraries assess technology needs,
  • Evaluating open source and other software products,
  • Reviewing readiness and capacity for supporting open source and other software systems, and
  • Planning for implementation and migration from legacy systems.

Through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, LYRASIS will

  • Provide cloud-based library technology,
  • Offer support for:
    • Evergreen,
    • D-Space, and
    • Drupal, and
  • Leverage existing, proven open source software that can evolve to support a full range of services for integrated library systems (ILS), including:
    • Collaborative storage
    • Management
    • The preservation of digital collections, and
    • Web site content management, including templates for common library pages.

“Helping our library members add value without sacrificing their budgets is our primary objective. LTS makes it possible for LYRASIS members to reap the benefits of cutting-edge systems without undertaking the financial burden of managing these systems,” added Tim Daniels, Manager, LYRASIS Technology Services.

For more information on how LYRASIS Technology Services can assist with your technology needs, please contact Tim Daniels.

Created in April 2009 by the merger of PALINET and SOLINET and joined shortly thereafter by NELINET, LYRASIS is the nation's largest regional membership organization serving libraries and information professionals - providing opportunities for networking and collaboration, offering innovative solutions, and significant cost savings through group purchasing for products and services. For more information, please visit


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