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Mosio’s Text a Librarian in Over 500 Libraries, Announces Add-On Mobile Services

Technology Services Now Include Integrated Mobile and Messaging Solutions for Libraries to Add More Library Services to Mobile Devices, Increase Work Efficiencies and Improve Patron Relationship Management Functions.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2010 -- Mosio, the leader in text messaging (SMS) solutions for libraries, today announced that over 500 academic and public libraries in the U.S. now use its text message reference solution, Text a Librarian, to service patrons and students.

Mosio also announced an expansion of its mobile offerings for libraries to more than text messaging reference. The new services will assist libraries in “mobilizing”, including SMS text message alerts/notices/marketing, integration with ILS and catalog systems, mobile web pages, and email/chat functions with a mobile focus.

“The success of Mosio’s Text a Librarian has come from a client services team fanatical about customer support and a development team that truly listens to the needs of librarians” said Jay Sachdev, Mosio’s CTO and Cofounder. “Our decision to offer these additional mobile and text messaging services was born from our experience in providing mobile solutions for clients outside of the library industry, in conjunction with library customers seeing the bigger potential of mobile technologies and asking about other ways we could help them engage patrons.”

The company has started developing solutions with libraries on various projects, including OPAC and ILS systems integration, text message alerts for marketing or notices and seamless convergence with existing chat or instant messaging software.

Mosio’s focus in designing mobile solutions is in improving communications, engagement and relationships between companies, organizations and their customers and employees. As a mobile carrier-approved technology, the company is able to augment the SMS technologies it has built with Text a Librarian, enabling libraries to utilize text messaging and the mobile web in further efforts to maintain great patron relationships.

“Customer service, awareness and accessibility will always be essential in keeping libraries relevant in their communities” said Noel Chandler, Mosio CEO and Cofounder. “These additional services are one step further towards our goals for greater functionality in what we call ‘Patron Relationship Management’, using next generation mobile and messaging technologies to strengthen patron and library communications.”

Text messaging is the most widely used form of mobile communication in the world. Americans are now texting more than twice as much as they are talking on their cell phones. Organizations interested in taking advantage of SMS technologies need to determine which mobile solutions best serve their audience, resources and budget. Services utilizing text messaging and mobile web technologies will enable libraries to provide easier accessibility and discovery for more patrons on-the-go. Mosio’s add-on mobile solutions for libraries are created on a case-by-base basis depending on specific library needs.

About Mosio’s Text a Librarian
Text a Librarian is a mobile reference service technology developed specifically for libraries. Built on Mosio’s award-winning mobile questions and answers platform, Text a Librarian enables libraries to reach more patrons on the go through their mobile phones. For more information regarding Text a Librarian, please visit

About Mosio
Mosio is a mobile technologies agency providing messaging and mobile web solutions for businesses and organizations to connect with customers, employees and partners who are on-the-go. Mosio provides interactive mobile strategy and development services utilizing text messaging and mobile web applications to amplify marketing programs, increase business efficiencies and drive information engagement.

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