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nEvermore! is an homage to the glorious, Gothic style of the master, Edgar Allan Poe, bringing Poe-inspired fiction into the 21st century.

Media Release
October 1, 2014

For Immediate Release

Special announcement...

(Calgary, Alberta) EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is proud to announce a new crowd funding project and anthology by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles.

Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre

nEvermore! is an homage to the glorious, Gothic style of the master, Edgar Allan Poe, bringing Poe-inspired fiction into the 21st century.

nEvermore! brings together mystery writers (who already include a slash of the supernatural in their writing) and dark fantasy/horror writers (who currently slip across the shadows and touch on the mystery genre).

nEvermore! is a book that will revive and refresh all of us who love to read short fiction!

It's Crowd Funded!

nEvermore! is collaboration between EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and the editors. Together they've built one of the most unusual and exciting short fiction crowdfunding campaign ever seen.

For more information about the project please visit

Reading Pleasure!

nEvermore! Poe is the father of the modern detective story. And his genius at writing dark, supernatural tales and poems is legendary. Poe wrote at a time when genres didn't exist. Readers wanted a good story; how it fit on a bookstore shelf didn't matter. nEvermore! recaptures that sense of excitement and discovery of short fiction.


Love Poe? You won't be disappointed. This anthology is guaranteed to be the best anthology for your POE-inspired reading pleasure.

The Editors!

Nancy Kilpatrick is an award-winning author and editor known for her dark fantasy/horror and mystery stories. She has published 18 novels, over 200 short stories, 6 collections, 1 non-fiction book, and has edited 14 anthologies. She has worked for major publishing houses and small presses and some of her fiction has been translated in several foreign languages. Poe's works have been a lifelong passion and she is thrilled to have this opportunity to create an anthology that honors this exceptional author of style and genius.

Caro Soles is best known for founding the Bloody Words Mystery Conference to highlight Canadian mystery writing. She received the Derrick Murdoch Award from the Crime Writers of Canada, was short-listed for the Lambda Literary Award, and inaugurated the Bloody Words Mystery Award several years ago. She has published 11 novels and many short stories and has edited several mystery anthologies. She writes and reads mysteries, teaches writing at George Brown College and loves a good ghost story.

How Crowdfunding Works!

You receive 'perks' by donating to the project. More perks for larger donations! Amounts can vary from $5.00 to $1,000.00. One of the best perks is a print copy of nEvermore!, which will be available in October 2015 (just in time for Halloween)!


All of the perks are Poe-related.

The Goal!

The funding goal for this project is $15,000.00. Contributions will only be transferred to the project once the goal is reached. If you want to donate anonymously without a perk, please use the first category The Pit & The Pendulum, where you can donate any amount you like. Your donations will bring this anthology to life. Help us make this New-Gothic anthology happen!

Release Date:
The release date for the print and e-book versions of "Nevermore!: TALES of MURDER, MYSTERY & the MACABRE" is October of 2015. Funders will receive their copies in advance of the public release date.


Media Contact:
Janice Shoults, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
[email protected]

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