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New Book "Kevin Knows the Rules " Introduces Class Rules to K-3 Students

"Kevin Knows the Rules: Introduces Classroom Rules to Kindergarten Through Third Grade Students".

Introducing your class rules has never been so easy! Rules such as "Raise Your Hand" (if you need to ask the teacher a question or tell her something), "Walk Quietly in the Hall" (so we don't disturb the other classes), or "Clean Up After Yourself" (because we care about our classroom), are brought to life for your students by veteran teacher Molly Dowd and award-winning illustrator Carla Golembe. Students and teachers can then discuss, model, and practice these rules together as a class. Children will gain a clear understanding of expectations in school settings, and they will feel confident and ready to learn! Let "Kevin Knows the Rules" help you achieve your goal of having the smooth-running class that you've always dreamed of so that in turn, your students can reach their full academic potential.

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