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Open Source Solutions for Library Online Requirements is offering a free one-hour webinar titled, "Open Source Solutions for Library Online Requirements", Here is a brief description of the Webinar:

Library managers face new challenges and opportunities when choosing mission critical technology platforms. Increasing sophistication and adoption rates of open source solutions for library management systems and website development tools must be acknowledged. In this webinar the nature of proprietary and open source development will be discussed. Open Source tools such as Drupal and SOPAC will be presented in the context of adopting technology platforms that enhance the ability of libraries to control development and enhance innovation. This webinar is an overview suited for library managers and a technical background is not required. (YLS), is a technology company focused on the use of open source web development tools. YLS is a core developer in Drupal 7 and SOPAC 2. Currently YLS is moving into cloud hosting with Amazon and Rackspace. YLS focuses on integrating open source technologies and working with library managements to leverage their technology budgets and promote innovation.

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