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Palm Beach Community College pilots HealthLibrarian.


Palm Beach Community College Pilots Semantic Search Engine for Health Knowledge.

Florida Startup Offers Multi-lingual Scientific, Open Access Health Content to 18,000 Students

August 25, 2009. (MIAMI, FLORIDA) - Palm Beach Community College ("PBCC") is the first community college to join a pilot program to deploy the HealthLibrarian semantic search engine for health data across its campuses and accessible to all PBCC students and staff.

HealthLibrarian is different from traditional search engines: it does not blindly crawl the web, or present matches based on a site's popularity. HealthLibrarian intelligently sorts and categorizes health-related information available from validated, academic, governmental and scientific sources in the so-called "Deep Web." Users can then interactively fine-tune their query to maximize the relevance of the result set. The results presented are highly relevant and specific to the conditions or diseases of interest, and grouped by the geographical areas selected by the user. Visit to see HealthLibrarian in action now.

"Students in PBCC's Allied Health professions will use HealthLibrarian to access high-quality bio-medical and health-related knowledge produced by academic and government entities worldwide," said Jacqueline Rogers, Dean of Health Sciences and Public Safety at PBCC. "We plan to integrate HealthLibrarian with our Distance Education programs as well as our Content Management System. And the availability of materials in Spanish and other languages will be very useful to our students as they practice in our diverse community," Ms. Rogers concluded.

HealthLibrarian includes a growing number of datasources, including: Medline; FDA adverse events databases; NIH grants; Evidence-Based Medicine ("EBM") guidelines from the UK, US: Clinical Trials; Drug Information; product label for drugs sold in the US and Spain; mental health and substance abuse Providers; as well as thousands of Open Access articles. "Flat acquisition budgets make Open Access materials a viable, low-cost alternative to give our students access to high-quality, scientific peer-reviewed articles. The Open Access journals indexed in HealthLibrarian cover the same subject areas as many commercial journals from Toll Access publishers," said Brian Kelley, Director of the Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC) at PBCC. "We chose to join the HealthLibrarian pilot program to be able to tailor the service to our needs. And we appreciate its very flexible licensing terms for unlimited campus-wide access," Mr. Kelley concluded.

"HealthLibrarian provides a Unified Discovery Service and Semantic Search Engine for Biological and Health Knowledge with over 25 million records already stored in our repository," said Jose C. Lacal, Chief Vision Officer of OpenPHI. "HealthLibrarian goes beyond federated search: it's a one-stop shop discovery interface helping users to locate pre-processed, indexed bio-medical materials, electronic journal articles, books and multimedia resources. All within a single easy to use interface," Mr. Lacal concluded.

HealthLibrarian sidesteps the problems inherent in federated search by physically storing, indexing, and retrieving information from its own digital repository. All of the content accessible via HealthLibrarian is pre-indexed and allows users to quickly search, discover and access reliable and credible bio-medical content in one place.

About Palm Beach Community College

About Palm Beach Community College: Serving more than 49,000 students annually, Palm Beach Community College is the largest institution of higher education in Palm Beach County, providing the bachelor's degree, associate degrees, professional certificates, career training and lifelong learning. Florida's first public community college, PBCC offers more than 100 programs of study at locations in Lake Worth, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Belle Glade.

About HealthLibrarian

HealthLibrarian is an On-demand Data Warehouse of Global Health-related Insight. Our system integrates search, data mining, web crawling and indexing of health data from validated global sources. HealthLibrarian can be licensed for use with Health IT systems (such as Electronic Health Records), by libraries, or by government agencies.

HealthLibrarian is a service of Open Personalized Health Informatics, Corp. ("OpenPHI"), a self-funded, privately held bio-informatics startup in Miami, Florida. While some try to "improve the healthcare system," we focus on "building a care system that improves our health." We call that "Personalized Health." OpenPHI simplifies the use of the vast amount of health databases, publications, and medical know-how freely available from academic and government sources across the world.


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