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Sign up for a Lightning Round or two when you register for the 2nd Reference Renaissance conference

Quick! You have 5 minutes to tell your colleagues about a great reference program, resource, service, or idea (maybe even about what you think will be the future of reference).

We’re looking for ideas that inspire and engage our students and patrons and make their lives easier and better. Maybe you'll tell us about a new technology that will change the way we do business. Or one that just makes it easier for users to reach professional help at the library.

Since time is short, lightning talks are fast and fun and require little effort beyond the expertise and experience you already have. And, of course, by including photos or videos you can pack even more information into your presentation. Lightning talks will give more people a chance to participate and will allow many more ideas to be thrown into our two-day discussion about the future of reference.

A Reference Renaissance 2010: Inventing the Future will be August 8-10, 2010 in Denver, CO, so when you register for the conference, click the lightning talk participation box and submit a title (or two or four). We want to hear what’s new and cool with reference services at your library. What do you worry about when you think about our future? What do you hope for? Are you working on a project that you believe represents some of what the future has to offer us? We're looking for a nice mixture of practical, visionary, funny, dire, and inventive. Wherever you are in the library or your career - from library director to library student - you have something to add to this discussion.

Your early submission will help us plan a better conference, but you will also have a chance at the conference to sign up to do a lightning talk.

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