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Tech Logic offers new TAGSYS security gates

WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (Jan. 27, 2010) – Tech Logic now offers newly designed TAGSYS Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security gates that offer advanced protection through high-performance read range and speed.

The L-SP3 security gates use advanced digital signal processing and RF front-end technology to achieve breakthrough performance in read range and read speed, providing enhanced security protection to libraries. The new L-SP3 security system integrates the latest RFID reader electronics for optimal detection performance and consists of two aesthetic options:

L-SP3 Opaque ─ Based on the industry proven L-SP2 design, this style is the solution for customers looking for high-performance, cost-effective RFID security gates.
L-SP3 Clear ─ This option offers the same great performance as the L-SP3 Opaque gates in a unique style for libraries seeking transparent security gates.
To learn more about L-SP3 security gates or Tech Logic’s other products and services, contact Gary W. Kirk at [email protected], 800.494.9330, or visit

About Tech Logic

Tech Logic is the leading provider of innovative Automated Sorting Technologies (AST), circulation staff support tools, and patron self services for libraries. Tech Logic offers unequalled expertise, dedication to quality, and world-class customer support services.

Tech Logic provides barcode and RFID check-in and checkout systems, material return drops, AST systems, inter-library distribution systems, and patron reserve systems. Tech Logic designs, manufactures, delivers, installs, maintains, and services all of its systems.

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