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Use LibLime Academic Koha to create temporary ILS records with pre-established routing rules built in.

LibLime Announces New Features in LibLime Academic Koha
“By Academic Librarians for Academic Librarians”
Bethesda, MD – August 11, 2011-For over two years, LibLime has worked with Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO), to build an ILS specifically for academic libraries. LibLime Academic Koha is the result. Designed, tested and used by academic librarians, LibLime Academic Koha offers the right platform for making an ILS be all that it can be. With LibLime and WALDO, academic librarians have the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals toward a shared goal of designing software that works for them.

LibLime Academic Koha provides cataloging features that are user friendly and designed to fit into the work flow of academic librarians and circulation staff.

LibLime Academic Koha features a specific template so that when records are created, key metadata fields are displayed and fields not required are not displayed. This template makes adding records easy for all levels of staff and could be expanded by any sponsoring library.

A record template called “brief circulation record” (often called “Fast Adds”) is used to create records at the time of circulation for items that made it out to the collection without a catalog record. These records make it possible for circulation staff to check the item out, getting the item needed into the hands of the interested patron, and create an automatic routing note so that upon return, the item is sent to the appropriate office for correction.

When creating the brief circulation record, LibLime Academic Koha can also add an attribute to identify ILL records; personal copies (which is useful when loaning a professor’s copy of an item); or records that need to be upgraded or corrected.

Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO) is a membership organization supporting the procurement & administration of electronic information services for libraries since 1982. Supporting over 900 member libraries, WALDO offers consortial discounts for over 5,000 products and services. For more information, please visit WALDO at or contact Rob Karen at [email protected] or (866) 579-6051 ext. 101. Other advantages of choosing a LibLime solution through WALDO include volume discounts, standard contracts, consolidated renewal and centralized billing. Participation in the LibLime discounts through WALDO is available to all WALDO members.

About LibLime, a division of PTFS
LibLime, a division of PTFS, is the global leader in professional Koha support. LibLime’s robust staff of programmers, data specialists, librarians, system administrators and project managers, provides first class consulting, implementation, data migration, training, development, and maintenance/hosting services for Koha in libraries of all types and sizes. PTFS is the developer of the world’s leading digital content management software, ArchivalWare, and also specializes in library staffing requirements, digitization, and systems integration. For more information, see or or

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