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Wolper Subscription Services Endorses Library Choice

Leading Subscription Services Company Supports Customers’ Choice in Ordering Content

Easton, PA – September 7, 2010 Wolper Subscription Services, a leader in the information management industry for the past 35 years, fully endorses the Association of Subscription Agents & Intermediaries (ASA) program for Library Choice. The Library Choice initiative is a collaborative effort among ASA, its members and publishers to enable libraries to take advantage of publisher deals, in terms of price and features, while remaining free to order through preferred channels and retain valuable agent services that help them to achieve their information access and management goals.

Subscription agents and publishers understand that many libraries are struggling in this challenging environment to balance their needs for the most cost-effective content package with their reliance on a subscription agent as their billing and payment partner who also provides data management services for their internal systems.

Publishers that sign a Library Choice letter pledge their support for libraries and consortia to have a choice whether to order directly with the publisher or through a subscription agent, while being able to take advantage of preferential pricing or terms negotiated by a buying group or consortium.

“The Library Choice program enables our customers to have the best of both worlds – saving money through consortial deals and reaping productivity improvements by purchasing content through us” said Susan Wolper, Wolper Subscription Services President and CEO. We are in an ideal position to continue providing unique value to librarians in academic institutions, corporations, medical and healthcare facilities, governmental agencies, public libraries and not-for-profit entities.”

Wolper offers secure, online, 24/7/365 access for searching, ordering and managing more than 300,000 periodicals and books in print and electronic format via WOLPERweb®. Wolper was the first subscription agency to bring online management tools and technology to its customers and remains the industry leader in providing robust, comprehensive and effective software tools. Wolper’s systems seamlessly interface with industry standard library automation software, online catalogs and electronic resource management systems.

About Wolper Subscription Services
Wolper is a one-stop information management resource and a certified diversity supplier - the only 100% woman-owned business in the field. For 35 years, the company has been providing service and savings to corporate, government, public, medical and academic customers. Wolper’s “high tech, high touch”® approach delivers the perfect combination of next-generation technology and time-proven, personalized service. Besides serials, Wolper also handles books, site licenses, ERM and other information solutions, both traditional and innovative. Wolper is a member of the Association of Subscription Agents & Intermediaries, Special Libraries Association and American Library Association, among others. Learn more at or contact Wolper at 610-559-9550 or [email protected].

About the Association of Subscription Agents & Intermediaries (ASA)

The ASA is the international trade association serving subscriptions agents, sales agents and other intermediaries providing products and services within the professional and scholarly information supply chain. Library Choice endorses only agents who are members of the ASA as only these agents have agreed to the ASA Guidelines, industry leading standards of excellence, integrity and service innovation in information services. To find out more about Library Choice, visit the ASA website or speak to your Wolper account representative.

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