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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What is LISWire?
LISWire is the ONLY online news and press release distribution service aimed at the librarian and information science profession. Businesses, libraries, organizations and others use LISWire to improve their search engine rankings and drive traffic to their Web site.

LISWire is a brand new site to help organizations and businesses leverage the 'net to communicate their news to the librarian and information science world. Our site gives the ability to send out direct-to-consumer press releases, allowing you to communicate your news directly to customers, prospects, analysts and the media.

2)How is it different than LISNews?
On you'll find news articles, stories, interviews, commentary and personal blogs. On LISWire you'll find press releases and information from companies and organizations that announce new products and services of interest to libraries and librarians.

3)How can LISWire help promote my library/library school/or school or academic library?
We get your ideas out across the internet to reach as many people in the industry as possible.

4)How do I create an account?
Just surf on over to This Page, choose a username, put in your email and we'll get you started.

5)Why should I create an account?
It's the only way to get your news release submitted!

4)What services are offered and what do they cost?
There is currently no cost, that may change some day.

5)How does LISWire reach readers?
RSS, email, web, phone, fax, smoke signals, drums and 2 cans with a string between them.

6)Can I send a blast email to subscribers?
Nope. Sorry, we don't sell, rent or share our subscriber lists in any way shape or form. Privacy is a central idea in librarianship and it's honored here.

6)How do I subscribe to LISWire?
Right here:

7)Who are the people behind LISWire?
Blake Carver: Young, dashing, a librarian of action. Currently living near Buffalo, NY.
Robin K. Blum: Entrepreneur and booklover who's enjoyed multiple careers in publishing, the performing arts and journalism. Her home base is Brooklyn, NY.