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Douglas County Libraries in Colorado Says Collections Rose Nearly 50%

Douglas County Libraries in Colorado Says Collections Rose Nearly 50%
After Fines and Fees Payment Option Added to 3M SelfCheck System
Customers Warm to RFID-Based Self Service Machines that Accept Payments
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- March 26, 2008 -- The seven-branch library system of Douglas
County, Colorado, has reported that collection of fines and fees rose by 48 percent in 2007,
the first year following the addition of fines and fees payments to its 3M RFID-based
SelfCheck Systems, compared with the previous year.
The library system’s success with the self-payment option was revealed here at the annual
Public Library Association conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
“About half of our fine intake over the past 12 months has been from credit and debit cards,
which helps explain the faster collections,” says Bob Pasicznyuk, associate director of
virtual services for Douglas County Libraries. “Customers enjoy using the SelfCheck
Systems, and once we added the payments option, it became very convenient to make
payments when they don’t have the cash with them.
“Another factor might be the impersonal nature of dealing with a machine for fines and
fees,” he adds. “Some customers are more comfortable that way.”
Situated about half-way between Denver and Colorado Springs, near the front range of the
Rocky Mountains, Douglas is one of the nation’s fastest growing counties on a percentage
basis, its population having risen by more than 50 percent in this decade. Demand for
library services has grown even faster in the county, with circulation of materials up
approximately 20 percent annually in the past few years.
To help meet that demand, Douglas County Libraries adopted radio frequency identification
technology in 2006, installing 3M RFID Systems, including the SelfCheck Systems, for a
variety of critical front and back-office operations.
“Like many of our nation’s public library systems, the Douglas County libraries are faced
with the challenge of providing more services without a corresponding increase in budget,
staff and space,” observes Rory Yanchek, business manager, 3M Library Systems. “It’s
gratifying to know that our RFID systems are helping Douglas County meet that challenge
with automation that frees staff members from routine tasks and thereby increases
Mr. Pasicznyuk recalls how months after the SelfCheck Systems were installed he would
still observe customers at the circulation desk who were amazed by the self-service process.
“They would put down a stack of items and be instantly checked out,” he says. “There’s no
retail experience like it. Before, if we were busy, they might wait in line five-to-seven
minutes. With RFID, it’s not even one minute.”
One of the library’s goals was to obtain 90-percent customer usage of self-service for check
out and return of circulation materials -- an objective that was easily achieved, he says. That
success prompted the addition of the payment option.
Lem Amen, vice president, 3M Track and Trace Solutions, says libraries increasingly
embrace 3M RFID “as a customer-and-staff-friendly, cost-efficient approach to higher
productivity. The systems generally pay for themselves in short order.”
A global leader in library innovation for more than 35 years, 3M Library Systems provides
security, productivity and information management solutions that harness technology to
enable a more human library, freeing librarians to spend more time doing what they do best
– helping people. 3M also partners with libraries to support their technological
advancement and ensure their success through numerous industry sponsorships and
programs. For more information about the 3M Library Systems, visit
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solutions enable customers to reliably and accurately manage high-value assets. Unlike
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