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University of Iowa Libraries Chooses Attune Systems For Their File Virtualization Solution

"Actively managing our archival data allows us to move the least used files to less expensive storage," said Mark Weber, lead system administrator for the library. "Digital objects that are frequently used remain on our high performing storage area network. As a research library, however, we are also responsible for data curation and preservation on files that might be needed once every five, ten, or fifty years. The Maestro File Manager file-level assessment helps us make sure we are leveraging our storage environment most efficiently. Implementing a global namespace through the Attune Maestro will provide us automated file migrations and management of our storage and archives based on business policies and evolving best practices."

"The University of Iowa Libraries will benefit from immediate ROI from our file virtualization solution with the Maestro File Manager by building out their tiered storage based on insights gained from our file assessment tools," said Alan Kessler, Attune's chief executive officer. "Understanding what files haven't been accessed in over six months or which file types are consuming the bulk of their storage resources will allow the library to make improved storage management decisions and improve visibility on their storage costs."

About Attune Systems

Attune Systems solutions reduce file management complexity for enterprise, government, and education storage environments while slashing operating costs and increasing scalability. The company's flagship product, the Maestro File Manager, is a file virtualization appliance that helps IT administrators discover, analyze, manage, and optimize their existing, heterogeneous file storage resources without impacting end users. File virtualization is the low-risk, high-impact first step towards implementing an effective File Area Network (FAN). For more information, please call 877-GO-ATTUNE (877-462-8886) or visit the company's website at

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