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LITA Forum: Call for Participation in 5-Minute Madness

This year's LITA Forum will feature our second annual Five Minute Madness session, bringing a touch of the "unconference" to our meeting.

This will be held during one of the concurrent sessions and will feature nine five-minute mini-talks. We invite you to participate and share information about a project of interest to LITA members that perhaps wasn't "jelled" when we issued the formal call for participation. Speakers are strictly held to five minutes, and then there is a Q&A period for all speakers at the end. This year's session will be held Saturday, October 18, 10:50am - noon.

Last year we handled signups on-site, but that turned out to make participation unfairly dependent on the vagaries of air travel. How very 1.0!

This year, we're trying a new approach to make the signup process a little more egalitarian: the radical technology of e-mail.

Here's how to sign up to give a mini-talk at this session:

1. Send an email to [email protected] containing your name, organization, and a title for your talk.

2. Indicate a way for you to be contacted to let you know if you're in or not. We expect to be notifying everyone around October 7-8.

We will assign the first 9 people to reply to the available slots, and once they are full, we will take two (2) more names for a waiting list.

We hope to contact everyone who e-mails whether you're in or out by October 7th-8th. This will be first-come, first served.

These are the only "editorial" policies:

1. LITA members from companies are welcome to participate, but the content must relate to technology and libraries, and not resemble a sales talk. Our exhibitors have time with our members at the Showcase on Friday evening as well as at other points during the program and this is not intended to offer an additional vending opportunity.

2. People who already have papers or posters in the program are requested to give others a chance.

Please remember:

- these are quick, low-barrier talks, and extensive slides and handouts are not required or expected.

- If you do choose to present slides, please bring them in a format compatible with MS PowerPoint on a thumb drive for loading onto the computer in the room during the break preceding the session. We will ensure that they are forwarded to the LITA office for inclusion on the Forum website.

On behalf of the LITA National Forum 2008 planning committee, thanks for making this a successful part of the LITA Forum!

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