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Back2Press Books Launched—New Imprint Seeks Unhappy Authors Whose Books Failed After Selling 100,000+ Copies

Why are authors whose books sold over 100,000 copies often not happy? Because many have asked themselves: “If my book could sell 100,000 copies, why not a million?”

According to Lynne W. Scanlon, founder and publisher of the new imprint, Back2Press Books, the answer is that it could have … and it should have … and it still can.

“The problem is that publishing companies are content, even ecstatic, if a book sells more than 10,000 copies, let alone 100,000. Rarely do they continue to promote a proven bestseller at the expense of the newer books currently in the pipeline. After months or even years of helping to fill the publisher’s coffers, the 100,000+ bestseller eventually dies an unnatural death from negligent homicide,” says Scanlon.

Back2Press Books is inviting authors or their heirs to submit books to be considered for repackaging and republishing. The provisos:

The book must have sold over 100,000 copies.
The rights must be held by the author or be able to be reversed.
(Back2Press Books can help secure the reversal of rights, if necessary.)

Back2Press Books was launched in 2007 by the author of Overcoming Jet Lag, a nonfiction book previously published by Berkley Books that sold over 200,000 copies and received thousands of testimonials from international travelers, including executives in The White House.

“I asked Berkley Books for a reversal of rights several years ago in a fit of pique because I simply couldn’t believe that such a famous book containing the legitimate cure for jet lag had been allowed to founder,” said Lynne Scanlon.

Scanlon is the author of three books, including Overcoming Jet Lag, with hundreds of thousands of copies in print; a former group publisher of developmental products at A/S/M Communications (original publishers of AdWeek magazine) and marketing consultant to Barnes & Noble Books (the proprietary publishing arm of Barnes & Noble, Inc.).

Overcoming Jet Lag, now updated and titled The Cure for Jet Lag, is available at a temporary prepublication discount at

“What does it tell you when a book with a jacket price of $7.00 goes out of print and then begins to sell for five times the jacket price on Amazon Used & New Books?” asked Scanlon.

Scanlon plans to differentiate her imprint from other book repackagers by backing each book with a sustained and highly focused marketing campaign that never quits. Her sales effort will not include independent or big box bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Borders Books or Books-a-Million, but will concentrate instead on Internet sales to individuals and associations via along with targeted special sales (over 20,000 copies of Overcoming Jet Lag were sold to Continental Airlines as a premium when the book was originally published).

“I’ve had it with archaic methods of book sales, jacket prices that are a joke—and returns that are the ruination of bookstores and publishers,” said Scanlon.


Back2Press Books is located at 225 West 25th Street, Suite 4 L, New York, NY 10001. The company’s website address is

Subsidiaries include GetPublished at and the international literary blog The Publishing Contrarian at

If you would like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Lynne W. Scanlon, please call 917-685-9128 or email [email protected]

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