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Daniel Sweeney Joins LibLime as Senior Business Analyst

Daniel Sweeney comes to LibLime from Ex Libris (formerly Endeavor) where he spent the last 9 years in project management and business analyst roles. Previously, Dan worked as a librarian in academic libraries for five years. He has an MLS from State University of New York at Buffalo and an MS in Computer Science from DePaul University.

"I became a librarian because I believe that libraries form communities. Similarly, open-source software forms communities," says Dan. "It makes sense for libraries to be involved in building open-source solutions to provide services to their patrons. The open-source model can bring transparency and innovation to library systems and software."

Dan explains: "I came to LibLime because I think LibLime is committed to providing quality software and service to customers."

"As an analyst, Dan has experience defining specifications for all the modules of large library management systems, as well as products like electronic resource management systems and link resolvers," says LibLime's CEO Joshua Ferraro. "He's highly qualified for the large development projects we have on the horizon for academic libraries such as WALDO (Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization) and public libraries like Howard County Library (Maryland)."

About LibLime

As the leader in open-source solutions for libraries, LibLime offers a refreshing alternative to expensive proprietary software. Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, LibLime promotes the benefits of open source, enabling libraries to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. LibLime enables libraries to use open-source software to its full potential by providing outstanding commercial support services - hosting, migration assistance, staff training, support, software maintenance, and development--solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

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