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Graphic Design for Librarians Online Workshop

January 17, 2017
Contact: Valerie Colston
[email protected]

For Immediate Release

San Diego, California January 17, 2017-Fun, Relaxed, Informative! Recommended by Librarians. Learn where to locate and use the tools, techniques and programs that make your job easier and more professional.

See what graphic design projects other librarians are creating and why this is such an informative class.

Enroll through the first week of the workshop. Class starts February 6. Join through February 13th. Open to all.

Approved for 12 TLEUs (Indiana State Library)

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A Sampling of Closing Comments from Librarians who took the most recent class:

Throughout this class I have learned that I don’t need any amazing software to be great, there are so many wonderful resources out there that can offer free materials and help with just the click of a button. I have used several of these resources before but I have never fully grasped how much use they really could be. I think I have found a way to make my work a more sophisticated and creative type of design. This will prove to be extremely beneficial as my work counts on me for a lot of our in house advertising. I am not sure I could pin point the most helpful information, I really loved seeing all of the examples and seeing how creative people can become with just a few websites and new templates to spice up their designs. I love how aware I am of shapes, colors, lines, and even the white space in any project I find myself doing. There are so many hidden rules and standards that help a piece flow together in a whimsical way. I couldn’t be more excited to have all of the information that has been given to me and I thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.

Learning the terminology has been something I have enjoyed. I tend to be a bit technical so having a better understanding of the process in this regard is helpful.

I have enjoyed viewing other people's projects and reading what they have to say about their projects. I find it fun to view other people's projects and the different style that they use.

The most helpful information has been the links to free image sites. I had a few bookmarked already, but now I have a ridiculous amount of images to look through.

I feel like this course was worthwhile for me to take. I now feel like I have lots of ideas for platforms as well as ideas to use to be more creative in my role. I enjoyed reading and watching videos about how to use Canva, book trailers and infographics. It was quite useful at the beginning of the course to remember the elements and principles of design as I had forgotten what they were about.

I feel I will now be more independent when designing posters, ads, book trailers, imovies and ebooks. I can help the students to think about design features like font and colours to make sure they are visually pleasing and good for any task where they need to be persuasive.

I would love to see a part 2 of this course as I feel I still have so much to practice and learn. I will recommend this course to others and felt it wasn't too overwhelming especially during the holiday season when I actually had time to do the course.
ENERGIZED BY THE WHOLE THING. I am a little sad for it to end. Very well done in a cool 'show me' format.I had fun.
As a result of taking this course, I've gained the ability to use and love Canva effectively. I have gained insight and a vocabulary surrounding graphic design I didn't have before. For example, I used to see library webpages that I liked and try to replicate them wholesale for our library, with mixed results. Now, I can pick apart the different components and think critically about what works in that particular design, and try to replicate the harmony of the components instead.

I have already used what I've learned in my work. I'm made attractive flyers and a social media post for current programs. As I was reading about writing effective website copy, I was in our website editor, adjusting the copy I had written to be more user-friendly.

The most helpful tip, hands-down was that we can use Microsoft Word to remove the background of images. That was amazing!

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