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Latest issue of ITALica, a new weblog on libraries and information technology

ITALica is currently a pilot project. Our current issue includes content submitted by authors appearing in the September (vol. 27, no. 3) issue of ITAL:

- Mark Cyzyk, "Virtues and Values in Digital Library Architecture"

- Erik Lease Morgan, "MyLibrary: A Digital Library Framework and Toolkit"

- Mireia Ribera Turro, "Are PDF Documents Accessible?"

- James Feher and Tyler Sondag, "Administering an Open-Source Wireless Network"

- Robert N. Bland and Mark A. Stoffan, "Returning Classification to the Catalog"

Several of these authors have already posted to the current ITALica.

LITA members can access the full texts of the above-listed articles online, at the ITAL website (,
from where you can also then find a link to the ITALica discussion. You can also access ITALica directly (no membership in LITA required) at (

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