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Backstage begins processing 2.5 million books and 14,000 DVDs on-site at Alderman Library, University of Virginia

PROVO, Utah, December 19, 2017 – Backstage Library Works ( is pleased to announce that it has moved into full production with extensive on-site inventory, cleaning, and cataloging projects for Alderman Library at the University of Virginia. Backstage will be processing 2,528,840 items across four collections, including the general collection, government documents, Tibetan, and DVD collections. Backstage is working closely with library staff, implementing processes to optimize efficiency, guarantee quality, and ensure timely project completion.

Each project will be completed concurrently by up to 22 Backstage technicians, an on-site project manager, and an assistant project manager. The inventory includes customized project profiling, selection for preservation treatment, catalog search of unbarcoded items, cleaning of books and stacks, quality verification, and reshelving.

Full-level cataloging will include LC and OCLC copy cataloging, original cataloging for unmatched items, and on-site scanning of select pages for off-site cataloging. The DVD collection will receive full-level RDA cataloging and shelf-ready processing over a period of 12 months.

Michelle Vermillion, Collections Access Manager for the University of Virginia Library states:

“As we approach the mid-point of our inventory project being handled by Backstage Library Works, I remain pleased with their efficiency, professionalism, and responsiveness. Their on-site project manager has been immensely helpful in guiding this process that would simply not have been possible for our current staff to plan, manage, and execute while maintaining regular activities.

“Completing this inventory will prepare us for our next chapter which is a renovation of the Alderman Library building, which will require the relocation of portions of our collections (during the renovation process).”

About Backstage Library Works

Backstage’s objective is to provide the most technologically advanced, high quality, yet efficient means for delivering professional library services. With over 25 years of experience, the company is known for its expertise in handling complex and unique projects. Backstage specializes in solutions for cataloging, authority control, digitization, preservation microfilm, and on-site needs. In providing services to more than a thousand libraries, large and small, public and private, and in locations across the globe, Backstage has cultivated an understanding of libraries, their mission, their operations, and the challenges they face. Backstage offices are located in Provo, Utah, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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