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Gale Enhances Professional Development Collections on GVRL with Alignments to the Danielson Framework for Teaching

New PD Plus Framework Alignments Makes Implementing Professional Development Easier and More Actionable for Educators

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – October 16, 2018 – Gale, a Cengage company, has made it simpler for schools and districts to support teachers’ professional development (PD) and personalized learning needs that align with evaluation frameworks. Gale has aligned its PD eBook collections on GVRL with The Danielson Framework for Teaching. Now educators can easily find PD titles that match their needs, enabling districts to better meet individual and collective goals to improve outcomes. Read Gale’s blog about why these alignments were created and what they mean for teachers, here:

The Danielson Framework for Teaching is the most widely used method of defining effective teaching practices in the U.S. and has been adopted in more than 20 states. Gale developed alignments to the Danielson Framework in collaboration with certified teachers and district PD specialists to ensure they meet teachers’ PD requirements and goals.

View a video about this new alignment, here:

“I like the organization of these bundles because they allow principals to customize their professional development whether it be for the entire staff or individual teachers,” said Melissa Shenk, a sixth-grade teacher for Saginaw Public Schools in Michigan. “Using the books for individual professional development of teachers is extremely valuable, especially for those who may have scored low in a particular area on their evaluation.”

As educators strive to improve teaching practices, it’s essential they have access to resources that can be personalized and aligned with their goals and school expectations. With Gale’s PD collections on GVRL, educators easily access thousands of digital titles that support the Danielson Framework for Teaching from top PD publishers like: ASCD, Corwin Press, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., Solution Tree, Stenhouse Publishers and Times 10 Publications. This not only saves educators time, eliminating the laborious process of manually aligning PD resources with evaluation guides, but also gives teachers a voice and choice to pick evaluative content aligned to the dimension focus they need.

“This alignment has been super educational and relevant to the work I do every day,” said Andrea Misuraca, secondary curriculum coach at Van Dyke Public Schools district in Warren, Michigan. “The ability to search for specific terms and areas of need in the search engine [GVRL] and receive a great amount of resources specifically catered to those needs, is a timely way to easily get support. There are so many valuable resources for professional learning at our fingertips and this makes it so much easier to guide and coach our teachers in a way that provides them with the skills necessary to improve their practice.”

With Gale’s new PD plus framework alignments educators can:

• Easily access personalized resources aligned with teacher evaluations: get titles that are digitally aligned to teacher evaluation and assessment guides like the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

• Browse aligned titles by the Danielson domain or dimension: breakdown by domain and dimension helps teachers and administrators zero in on the right content for professional development and self-assessment.

• Access content from top PD publishers: gain unlimited and simultaneous access to content from top PD publishers like ASCD, Corwin Press, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc., Solution Tree, Stenhouse Publishers and Times 10 Publications.

• Customize collections: use GVRL’s customization portal to further align titles within collection(s) to additional domains and dimensions to meet collective goals, or when choosing to bring in titles from additional Gale collections that are not aligned.

• Collaborate: use the power of G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools to easily save, share and download content, including highlights and notes.

“We know educators are constantly struggling to improve their teaching practice, leverage technology in the classroom and otherwise update their skills,” said Lemma Shomali, director of K-12 products at Gale. “Aligning our PD collections on GVRL to the Danielson Framework for Teaching empowers educators to take their professional development into their own hands while meeting overarching district goals.”

To learn more about Gale’s PD alignment with Danielson Framework for Teaching, visit the PD plus framework alignments webpage, here:

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