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“Captain Fantasy” Launches International Awareness Campaign at the World Fantasy Convention.

(Calgary, Alberta)

“It didn’t start out that way”, says Brian Hades. “It was in the Hallowe’en edition of the Calgary Herald newspaper and the moniker just stuck”.

“Captain Fantasy” was the name splashed across the front page of the Entertainment section, under an enormous colour photograph of a grey haired, “Godfather-like” character seated in a 1950s style diner surrounded by two gorgeous space aliens.

The article, which spread over two pages, was the beginning of a media blitz bringing attention to one of Calgary's best kept secrets.

Further coverage included an article in Calgary’s Fast Forward Magazine, a mention in Swerve magazine, and an interview with Hades on CBC’s Daybreak Alberta.

An interview on CKUA, and an article profiling the publishing company in Quill and Quire Magazine are forthcoming.

The big deal? Hades was showcasing his publishing company to the world fantasy community for the first time. Less than 10 years ago, Hades sat in a restaurant over a cup of hot chocolate, doodling a business plan on a napkin – now the publishing house holds a number of imprints and has become Canada’s largest publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Although previously the imprints’ media coverage focused on the books being released, there had never been an opportunity like this to let people know about the company itself.

It was time to tell the world.

The appropriate launching pad was the World Fantasy Convention, a literary genre event held for the first time in Calgary which attracted over 700 writers, publishers, editors and fans.

Hades was determined to make his mark.

“Many of the convention’s participants visited from around the world, and it was their first time to get to know Hades Publications, and our imprints – EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Dragon Moon Press, Tesseract Books and our newest imprint Absolute XPress”, said Hades.

Participants had a number of opportunities to discover the publishing company during the convention, including:

• Author signings at the Hades Publications booth (that spread across the back of the ballroom)

• The Breakfast at Tesseracts event (which featured all of the various authors present at the con, who at one time or another had contributed to the Tesseracts series. Tesseracts is a more than 20 year old Canadian literary legacy featuring 13 titles, including the latest Tesseracts Twelve, edited by Claude Lalumière)

• An opportunity for people to “Meet the Mystery Makers” – the editors and writers of Hades’ newest hit release: Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes.

• Opportunities to meet writers, listen to readings and indulge in chocolate at the Books, Bytes and Chocolate Delights, a multi author book launch that featured a number of titles including:

Pretenders, by Lynda Williams

Lachlei by M. H. Bonham

Madman's Dance by Jana Oliver

Tesseracts Twelve: edited by Claude Lalumière

Writers for Relief, edited by Davey Beauchamp


Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes . edited by Charles Prepolec and J. R. Campbell

- the “Un-Conventional, Pre-Convention Event” which helped launch the literary gathering. Brian and Hades Publications presented The Plaid Tongued Devils, a unique Calgary band which played a combination of Ska, Gypsy and Klezmer music. This was the World Fantasy Convention's first event of its type. The reaction of international organizers was so positive, similar events will be incorporated into future World Fantasy Conventions.

Emails and Facebook notes have been streaming in from around the world thanking Hades for his efforts. One, from a gentleman in Australia said:

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great gig with the gypsy band and for being so welcoming. I had a blast at the con and hope to get to another one soon. I'm a convert, for sure :)"

Hades smiled. His mark was made.

Other Upcoming Events

The Worlld Fantasy Convention was just the first of several events announcing new releases:
Forthcoming also include:

Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes

will have its Calgary release on November 15th at

Chapters – Indigo (Sunridge)

Spectrum Shopping Centre, #500 - 2555 32nd St NE

Calgary, Alberta T1Y 7J6 Canada



( Because authors from around the world contributed supernatural mystery tales to this anthology, Gaslight Grimoire events are also being planned for England, USA and Australia, as well as several more in Canada.
Please watch for details for the international book launches of Gaslight Grimoire will be shown on )

Tesseracts Twelve: edited by Claude Lalumière
will have its Toronto release in November.

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Janice Shoults

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