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Hurray for Hollywood; The Hollywood Librarian Could Use Your Help

Have you seen the documentary "The Hollywood Librarian"? Would you like others to see it too? "Hollywood" could use a helping hand.

The film is the result of the tireless efforts of one person: Ann Seidl. She single-handedly raised $200,000 to make and distribute the movie, worked on it for over 8 years and is still working to get it seen by as many people as possible. Seidl needs to raise additional money to continue with the process of editing the film and turning it into a DVD to be made available this fall. Without some financial subsidy, the film will not reach its intended audience.

If you are a fan of The Hollywood Librarian, please do what you can to send your financial encouragement and please pass on the message to other like-minded library folk.

Go here now the website and click on the Paypal link.

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