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Librarian PR Services From LISWire

LISWire allows you access to a 24/7 online pressroom. Printed press kits and press releases are expensive and obsolete; journalists don’t pay much attention to them anymore, but online press rooms can be very powerful. Remember to include the best quality press releases, photos, videos and links that you can, and be sure to include full contact details.

In writing your press release, utilize the same techniques taught at Columbia University's School of Journalism, whose website,, recommends the following:

* Organize your material: Put it in a rough sequence, in an order that will be sensible and engaging to the audience
* Follow the rule of the six Ws; who, what, why, when, where and how (that's an honorary W)
* Write the first draft quickly, then go back and self-edit
* Ask 'who cares?' about every sentence, and be ruthless excising extraneous material
* Be original: A different spin, original research or investigation, an interview or first-hand account, a personal photo, a chart -- all of these can add enormous value and readability
* Never make anything up, even if it's plausible
* If something from one source is suspicious, check another source
* Always credit your sources
* Don't let pressure to produce compromise the quality of your work
* Use the title, first sentence and (if the article is long or complex) a two to three sentence abstract up-front to both inform and draw in your audience
* DO NOT use ALL CAPS, either in the title or body of the release
* Close with a memorable sentence
* Always include complete contact information
* Keep it as brief and to the point as possible

Need help writing, re-writing or editing? We're here to help. We offer consultation services on both written releases and multi-media services. Please inquire as to our fees for one-time and continuing p.r. services.

At LISWire, your online pressroom, you can target librarian markets with news, photos and other multimedia, and even do some search engine optimization for your library or library organization.