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WIND ENGINEERING 1977-2008 now in one on-line package

- online in one package

WIND POWER has leapt to the forefront of public consciousness in the last few years, as a viable and sustainable alternative energy technology.

But matters are never so clear cut.

And that is why the last decade has seen the development, at numerous universities around the world, of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which look at wind power from such diverse aspects as meteorology, aerodynamics, structures and systems, power generation and transmission, energy conversion and management,measurement and instrumentation, modelling and simulation, as well as economic, environmental and legal aspects.

Wind Engineering 1977-2009 is an ideal complement and teaching aid for all such courses, as well as being a collection of some historical significance.

Wind Engineering is the oldest English language journal concentrating on wind power technology, having been established in 1977, a time when renewable energy as a whole was hardly taken seriously even by university researchers, let alone by the general public. It is the only wind power journal to have been in continuous publication for so long, and through all that time only peer-reviewed papers have been published, and only papers devoted to wind have been published in its pages.

All the issues, 1977-2008 are now available digitally, a single online product, WIND ENGINEERING 1977-2008. Not only is this an archive of historical significance, it is a resource of great practical use to todays students and researchers.

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