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Hard Timers: Resources for Libraries in Tough Economic Times

Times are tough. Library funding is down, library use is up, and people are asking more and more questions demanding more and more time from their public library staff. In response to these increasing demands on library resources, Library Development staff at the Washington State Library have been compiling resources and trying to find ways to help their libraries cope in Washington State.

The result: resource pages for library users and library staff.

"Resources for library users collects helpful web sites dealing with employment resources, job-hunting, resumes and skills-building, economic information, and technological training.

Resources for library staff includes grant and stimulus information, specific databases for consideration, promotion and advocacy information aimed at the services libraries provide in tough economic times.

Some of the resources listed are Washington State specific, but there is plenty there for everyone. Libraries are encouraged to copy the lists or parts of the lists as they like, and provide feedback on the blog if there are any resources they feel are missing.

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