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Ebooks and EContent 2009

Ebooks and Econtent 2009

London University College May 12th 2009

Innovation has been a key theme in they content industries over the past few years and the last has been particularly eventful – whether that’s technological developments such as ebook readers and e-ink, new techniques including social networking, the use of search for publish and discover and republishing and re purposing content or new business models. This year’s Ebooks and Econtent will focus on these developments and ask how they are or might impact on all involved in content production, delivery, management and trading. As usual it will be of interest to a mixed audience of professionals from publishing, library and related communities and will feature key speakers including Talis’ Richard Wallis – who will provide a keynote on technological change. Other invited are Ruth Jones, Strategy Director of Ingram Publishing and one of the world’s largest e-publishers – Ruth has also held senior positions in the library world before moving to publishing and Timo Hanny of a, an expert on social networking and its publishing impact. Other speakers will cover repurposing, open access publishing, industry trends and models.

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