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Time Travel Lands Australian Author Back in Australia!

Australia’s Fremantle Press recently purchased the rights to “Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait” by Australian K. A. Bedford. The rights were purchased from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, an imprint of Hades Publications Inc.

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing released “Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait” last August in time for the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado. It has received international attention with reviews, mentions, interviews, and awards. More recently, author K. A. Bedford received the prestigious Australian Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel and received nomination for the P. K. Dick Award in the United States.

“Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait” marks K. A. Bedford’s fourth science fiction novel. His previous novels, “Orbital Burn” (2003), “Eclipse” (2005), and “Hydrogen Steel” (2006) have also received international attention. “Eclipse” won the Aurealis Award for the Best Australian Science Fiction Novel in 2005. “Orbital Burn” and “Hydrogen Steel” have been nominated for the same award in the year of their publication.

EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing released their first book in 2000, “The Black Chalice” by Marie Jakober. “The Black Chalice” received three major awards and garnered high praise from reviewers around the world. EDGE was built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. Owner/President Brian Hades has previous experience in the publishing industry through publishing books on theater, magic and performing arts. He has gained the knowledge of the Speculative Fiction genre through various ports: as a reader, as a publisher, and as a fan. EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing encourages, produces and promotes thought-provoking and well written science fiction and fantasy literature. Since 2000, Hades Publications Inc. has grown to include: EDGE, Tesseract Books, Dragon Moon Press and Absolute XPress; between the four presses, Hades Publications has released over 150 titles and growing.

Fremantle Press released their first book in 1976 — a poetry anthology. Fremantle Press began as a small press who was dedicated to five or six new works of poetry and prose but quickly grew to include creative non-fiction titles. This growth led to their success: AB Facey’s “A Fortunate Life” (1981). “A Fortunate Life” received praise by reviewers as ‘the quintessential Australian pioneer story’. To date, it has sold more than 750,000 copies and is still under license to Penguin Books. Today the press published books under twelve different genres including Science Fiction. The press is known for its excellence and breadth. With their careful selection of titles designed to appeal to a wider audience, Fremantle Press published twenty-four new titles a year and reprints many popular titles. By the end of 2007, the press had published more than seven hundred titles.

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