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Jim Cheng Honored for Creating Asian Film Collection at UC San Diego

From PressZoom (Netherlands), Jim Cheng, head librarian for the University of California, San Diego’s International Relations & Pacific Studies ( IR/PS ) Library, has been named a “2008 Mover & Shaker ” by the Library Journal ( LJ ) for his innovative work in developing an unprecedented Asian film collection and festival and symposium series.

Cheng was one of only 50 librarians at institutions across the nation described by LJ as “The people shaping the future of libraries.” Cheng initiated a multi-year Asian film festival in 2003, when he realized that East Asian studies professors at UC San Diego were increasingly using popular media for research and teaching. Cheng’s now-renowned collection ( which is comprised of posters as well as films ) includes underground Chinese films as well as films from both South and North Korea, Japan and films focusing on the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

“I am very proud of being a librarian and love my profession so it’s truly an honor to be recognized in this way,” said Cheng. “As librarians, we are helping to shape the future while preserving the past of human civilization. I am grateful to UC San Diego for giving me the opportunity to build these important film collections and share them with our academic community and the world.”

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