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Altarama Acquires Docutek’s Virtual Reference Librarian plus Business

Altarama announced that it has acquired the VRLplus business from the Docutek division Docutek division of SirsiDynix, Inc.The Virtual Reference Librarian plus (VRLplus) system is used to provide live reference services over the web by more than 200 academic, public, special, and school libraries, and consortia in North American, Europe, and Australasia. It provides a web portal that invites online chat and a management system that ensures that multiple library staff members can deliver an online reference service with all the required chat, file sharing, and cobrowsing functions.

Altarama, a provider of digital reference tools, has already assumed day-to-day responsibility for customer support and product development, aided by former Docutek technical experts. Altarama’s flagship product, RefTracker, is a tool for managing and responding to all of the requests that come into a library. Altarama plans to embed some of its RefTracker functionality to enhance the current staff experience in reporting problems, administering surveys, and handling offline completion with greater control. It will also begin a consultation process with its new customers about priorities in addressing the cobrowsing issues as well as examining opportunities to integrate tools such as instant messaging (IM), text messaging, VoIP, and webinar software. The company sees VRLplus as a perfect add-on to RefTracker, and it plans to utilize its queuing engine to provide new ways of delivering online reference services.

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