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Greg Keyes Newest Release

Author Greg Keyes, along with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, releases his long-awaited collection, The Hounds of Ash and Other Tales of Fool Wolf, this month.

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The Hounds of Ash Available June 2008

Calgary, AB — June 1, 2008 — EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy announces The Hounds of Ash and other tales of Fool Wolf, by Greg Keyes for sale from major retail bookstores, and directly from the publisher's website

Greg Keyes' (or Gregory Keyes) writing success speaks for itself, and EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy is honoured to present an author with more than ten major sellers still available on shelves of bookstore giants Chapters, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Currently living in Savannah Georgia, Keyes is well known for his young life in an avid storytelling household, for graduating from two anthropological degree programs and head-coaching a fencing club at the Savannah College of Art and design. As a fulltime writer, Keyes uses his knowledge, including linguistics and new language development to build science fiction and fantasy worlds expressed through stories with multiple main characters. He obtained fame through The Age of Unreason quartet, Babylon 5 The Psi Corps Trilogy and Star Wars The New Jedi Order, and invites us into to yet another world in The Hounds of Ash and Other Tales of Fool Wolf.

The Tales of Fool Wolf in Hounds of Ash:
The Fallen God
The Hounds of Ash
The Opal of Nah
The Python King's Treasure
The Skin Witch
The Sleeping Tide
Wakes the Narrow Forest

In this collection of short stories, Fool Wolf is thrust into action by his father's spirit and the village shaman. Perhaps the laziest of heroes in his father's eyes, Fool Wolf must face his battles or face the wrath of his ancestors. Thrown to the mercy of the gods of whom he worships and loathes, he must inadvertently defend himself against the destiny he's ordered to fulfill. Fool Wolf's tale delves into the dark and secretive past of his past and the extraordinary feats that are necessary for him overcome the constant challenges.

The Hounds of Ash and Other Tales of Fool Wolf
ISBN-13: 978-1-894063-09-8
Price: $13.95 US
Pages: 192


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