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Internet Resources Newsletter - Final issue

The final and goodbye issue of the FREE monthly newsletter for academics, students and researchers is now available at:

No subscription or registration is needed to access this full-text newsletter at the above site.

Featured in this issue:

So long, and thanks for all the fish

A-Z New & Notable Web Sites:
About 100 new and notable websites: new services, ejournals, directories,
search engines, publishers, social networks, government sites, booksellers,
calls for papers, software, news services, conferences, research groups,
plus anything else of interest, etc, etc.

Nice Web Site(s):
TechJournalContents, Trove, and Microsoft Academic Search

Blogorama and Twittersphere
Selected interesting blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter items, related news items, etc

Recent Internet books in the Library

Book review
Bite-sized marketing, by Nancy Dowd et al

Get a life! Leisure Time
After hours

Published by Heriot-Watt University Library, and edited by Roddy MacLeod ([email protected]), Catherine Ure and Marion Kennedy

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